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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Predators Rally Recap

Amazing. 700+ full season tickets*. Over 7000 people in attendance.
This team is staying.

Now the challenge is to sell even more seats so that the team can really be profitable and have the budget needed to put together a team that can win a cup.

104.5 had some of the leaders of the local ownership group on while i was driving home from the rally, and they said their goal would be to reinvest any overage or profits into the team. They weren't looking at this as a money making venture (understatement of the year), but wanted the team to be successful and wanted the team to stay in Nashville so it could maintain its level of national and international respect.

Right now i am furiously trying to edit video. That will really show you what this was like.
Tons and tons of pictures coming soon.
If you want to browse through the raw stack, they are uploading to Flickr right now.

Oh - and i just made a comment on Eklund's post thanking him for coming out, then linking to pictures of him at the event. The post was deleted and my posting rights on the site were suspended for 6 hours. This guy is serious about not wanting to be seen - or he is serious about not wanting people to post on his blog fishing for hits...which i understand. I guess. I just think it was funny.

This is a picture of him to the right.

No question, this was the picture of the night though:

As the governor later said...he may live to regret that picture :-)

Great photos of the event by Chris Wage too.

My full breakdown and recap tomorrow.

(* the equivalent of 700 full season ticket packages. Made up of full and partial packages)


jimcraig said...


little self promotion never hurt anyone ;o)

I was impressed with the turn out. The "rally" was a bit short but whatever. I understand they were doing it all day long but a bit more video and a bit more pumping up would have been cool. Also they had the PA way to loud, it was really hard to understand them.
Funny I got guff from Preds fans "Sharks suck" I was like "yeah buddy I am here supporting your team" whatever I get it, but still you know my team doesnt suck, you just dont like them. A bit different.

ps I saw Christy & Brett on the Channel 2 news just now.

Paul Nicholson said...

I agree. The rally wasn't that great a show, could have been better...more on that tomorrow.

As for the fans, you have to admit, if you walked in the Sommet Center wearing a Sharks sweater and no one said a thing to you, it would have been a little creepy. Something just not right with that. It's all in good fun. I for one appreciated you coming down and for buying tickets.

jc said...

Hockey fan first, Sharks fan 1.1

btw you inspired me:

Anonymous said...

They could have done a little better on the rally, but overall it made the point and it was impressive to see how many people actually showed up.