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Thursday, July 19, 2007

gimme and welcome

A quick non-Predator related post.

You have no idea how badly i want one of these. LG's 2nd generation all-format drives. They read and write Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, DVD+/-RW, DL, etc, etc... And they are "only" $500. $400 if you just want to read the new formats and write to old ones. That really isn't bad at all considering it replaces about $1200 in cutting edge equipment.

But that will sound very familiar to my wife. I talked her into letting me buy an awesome 4 format DVD recorder back when DVD+R and DVD-R were fighting it out. Little did i know that they would both win and both are now standard in every drive. At the time, i thought this Sony drive would be a rarity and i totally misjudged how fast prices would drop. We paid $400 for a drive that only 6 months later cost $95. I still apologize for that one occasionally, just at random points over dinner.

So unless someone is feeling real generous around Christmas-time, i'll be waiting on these to drop a little more.


Also...i'd like to welcome my friend Jim Craig to the world of blogging. He's been commenting on my blog a lot (i appreciate dude!) and has decided to launch his own. Check it out: I have strong opinions and i'm gonna tell ya.
Add him to your blog rolls and feeders.

1 comment:

jc said...

thanks for the "shout out homey"

I have been kicking around the idea of "blasting my venom world wide" for quite some time. I have opinions about everything and normally choose to voice them. Ok actually I have thoughts on most everything, and choose to make them verbal. I dont have that internal filter that says "hey man might not want to say that". It comes out of my mouth about the same time I think it, my typing is about the same. I am a wicked fast typer, so do the math ;o)

yeah check out my blog, just getting started, not much to say yet, but I got 35 years worth of comedy/observations/insults/whatever to voice so it will ramp up quickly I think.