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Thursday, July 26, 2007

bad movies

Christy and i signed up for a Blockbuster online account a while back (for now it really is a better deal than Netflix) and have enjoyed being able to watch all sorts of movies we had passed up in theaters but wanted to get around to, etc.

We found out that many of those movies were great - like Mirrormask, Unbreakable, The Prestige, and Good Night and Good Luck (some we ended up buying).

But we've also seen a whole lot of real stinkers. Die Another Day, The Last Mimzy, Men in Black II, The Fantastic Four, etc.

I'm beginning to wonder if we should re-think our list and take off movies that we didn't see because they didn't look that great, and start going for more movies that we don't know much about or couldn't get around to. For instance, Christy and i (yes, her too) have really gotten in to Jackie Chan movies (plus some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). I think we may explore more movies in those genres, or more artsy films like Mirrormask (City of Lost Children is on the list already).

We'll also leave on many classics that we haven't seen (or haven't seen in a long time) like The Godfather (i've seen it, Christy hasn't) and Terminator, etc. Those will stay on the list.

But i think Firewall, Jurassic Park III, and Daredevil are gonna get taken off. Or at least bumped waaaay down the list. If we see much more junk like we've been seeing - i agree with Christy - we'll go nuts.

While i'm on the topic...does anyone know how to grab an RSS stream of our Blockbuster Online queue? I know Netflix provides such a service, but i can't find a way to do it with Blockbuster. It'd be fun to post on my sidebar, but i haven't figured out how.


jc said...

might want to revisit Netflix option. They just lowered thier prices 16.99 for 3 at at time unlimited and you can now watch up to 17 hours online per month for free. The online watching is a nice option for a quick review as to whether or not you want to see it.

I would also advise to check out the movies they recommend based on your rental pattern.

To me the option of bring the rental into the store does not appeal, the reason why I got Netflix was so I didnt have to go to the store. Plus I think Netflix has a larger library, of harder to find obscure films.

I would suggest Billabong Odyssey. Even if you do not like surfing you will freaking dig this movie. My girl did not want to watch this and has repeatedly asked to rewatch it.

I might post a list of my queue and films I have rented in the past in my blog soon.

Paul Nicholson said...

Hum...i hadn't seen that Netflix added the online viewing. That's pretty cool. Previously Blockbuster was way better because you essentially got double the movies for the same price.

We were doing $7 a month for 3 movies through the mail, 3 movies in the store, and 1 extra game or movie through the store. So 7 movies or 6 movies and 1 game for $7.

But the $8.99 plan with unlimited movies through mail plus 9 hours online is pretty good.

And the $5 for 2 in the mail, 5 hours online is nice...

I have to say i haven't had a problem with movie selection at Blockbuster. They've had tons of stuff, including British TV shows and old classic movies.

I'll check out the Netflix stuff though...

Amy Nicholson said...

I just signed up for Blockbuster, too. I'd love to see your list while I work on mine.

jc said...

I added the rss feed to my blog for my queue and my rental history, problem is it only lists 5 each. And I dont see a way to view more. Sucks cause I have rented a ton and have 46 movies in my queue. Just did a copy & paste to excel looks like 323 movies since 9/2005. About 15 movies a month works out to about $1.50 per movie.

Squirrel Queen said...

If you like Jackie Chan, you might try Kung Fu Hustle. It's a mix-up of martial arts and Warner Bros.
It's a bit hard to describe, but it is fun.
I loved it.

'Coma said...

Kung Fu Hustle was wonderful.

jc said...

Shaolin Soccer was really funny too, IMO it was better then Kung Fu Huslte, but both same type of movie, both really funny.

I dont like Jackie Chan, I just dont find his movies entertaining, all the jumping around and using objects seems so cheesy to me.

For Martial Arts movies I dug Crouching, Hero, House of Flying Daggers

Chris Wage said...

Kung fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer are both awesome.. I own most of Stephen Chow's catalogue