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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

pixar in hd?

At Microsoft's E3 keynote last night they announced that more movies will be available on XBox Live in HD - including "Disney Movies".

So - my questions:

  1. Are Pixar movies included?
  2. Will they be available in HD on iTunes or any other services or is this exclusive?
  3. Will they release them on HD DVD or Blueray?
Only other question is that if the answer to (1) is yes but (2) and (3) is no, then how long until i get an XBox 360?


jimcraig said...

I dont think you will see HD on itunes. File should be pretty big man. And you dont need a Xbox 360 to play HD movies. Unless the movie is in HDDVD or Blu-Ray. I have a upconverting DVD player that converts to 1080i via HDMI. And if you dont play video games I would simply invest in a HD DVD player of some sort, although I would hold off on that till they get the VHS Beta battle worked out. As of now my $70 Panasonic upconverting HD DVD player does me good.

Paul Nicholson said...

There is a massive difference between a 1920x1080 progressive scan picture on HD DVD or Bluray vs DVD's that are 720x480. Even with an 'upconverter' it is nothing like true HD.

XBox live is going to be offering HD Disney movies for download, so why not iTunes? I would love it if i could download the HD movies from XBox Live without an XBox, but i think they are/will be rigged to only play on XBox. That's usually the way it plays out.

I have considered buying an HD DVD drive for my computer (or Bluray drive) but right now the actual HD/Bluray DVD's don't have the movies i'd really want (Pixar movies, the Matrix, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, etc, etc).

Someday it will all catch-up and the format wars will be over (I pick Bluray to win so far, but we'll see).