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Thursday, July 12, 2007


I just needed to share the wonders of Engadget.

Established facts: I need to know about cool tech. I am a geek and i have to know what is going on in the geek world.

I used to be a Slashdot addict (which peaked when i actually got posted), then switched over with most everyone else to Digg a few years ago when that came on the scene. But more and more both of those sites got distracted by random, only partially tech-related news. I was only interested in real "cool tech" news and related points of interest. I didn't need to read long rants about civil rights or know about funny videos of diet coke and mentos. Not that mentos civil rights aren't important to me, but that isn't what i look for in a tech news site.

But i have recently re-discovered Engagdet. Great site. To the point, editor driven (keep out the hoi polloi) and so very well written. Today they are in particularly good form (i think they are all hyped up for their E3 coverage).

Here's a sampling of some of their hilarious writing from today:

Nyko Wii Party Station:
Yeah, you thought you were living the high life with that pair of rechargeable batteries and tennis racket attachments you ponied up for -- too bad you weren't even halfway to awesome...Best of all is the completely superfluous score board to make your smack talk so much more effective, and the hand cooling fan really seals the deal. For $25, if you don't have one of these 12 seconds after they hit store shelves, we can't be friends anymore.

Terrifying bike helmet filters bad air, increases fear:
If you've been worrying that small children weren't frightened enough when you pedaled your bike down the street, 22-year-old Luke Pannell...is here to help. The young inventor has created a biking helmet that he's dubbed "Breathe Air," which in addition to looking like a cross between Michael Myers, a Storm Trooper and The Predator, also features a filtering "shield" over the mouth and nose, which cuts particles and dust...Now all it needs is an attached Bluetooth headset so you can communicate back to the Death Star without taking your eyes off the road.
I laughed out loud at both of these. Makes my lunch break so much better.

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