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Monday, April 30, 2007

thompson call-out


Would-be Presidential candidate Fred Thompson just called-out most of our "allies" in his latest blog post. He was particularly hard on Russia.

Take time to read it.
He brings up a lot of good points.

Most of all though, i am surprised that he is saying what he is, given his possible likely political ambitions. If he wins the election, he will have to sit across the table from these world leaders soon. This is either great, of very stupid. I'm not sure which.

Here's a quick summary--

Our 'allies' in general: "We're also hopeful that, eventually, our ostrich-headed allies will realize there's a World War going on out there and they need to pick a side...most of our European Union friends continue to dismantle their defenses"
Mexico: "[has] an economic policy based on exporting their own citizens, while complaining about US immigration policies that are far less exclusionary than their own"
France: "Jail perfectly nice people for politically incorrect comments, but scold us for holding terrorists at Guantanamo" and "our natural tendency is to tell [them] that we'd rather not hear from them until the day when they need us to bail them out again."
Russia: "Criticize these guys and you might accidentally drink a cup of tea laced with a few million dollars worth of deadly, and extremely rare, radioactive poison. Oppose the Russian leadership, and you could trip and fall off a tall building or stumble into the path of a bullet"

east nashville war protesters

Well guess what i found on my way home from work today: war protesters.

Standing on the corner where i am usually accosted by kids being taught to beg as a "fund raiser", there were instead, a group of women (who apparently were just arriving) standing on the corner with signs. (It's the corner of Eastland and 14th).

I hope for thier sakes they were taking shifts, because if they were just setting up when i drove by at 6:24, they missed most of the rush-hour crowd.

psc controversy

If you haven't seen all the recent news about the PSC Metals recycling center downtown, check it out.

Basically there is all sorts of discussion about how the city wants to buy the land and turn it into a big park or baseball stadium or something. Meanwhile the company doesn't want to move, and just signed a 50-some-odd year lease for the property.

Here's my take: I like it. Keep it.

PSC says they don't want to move and aren't going to move. I don't blame them. They have access to river barges, 3 interstates, and railroads, and are centrally located in Nashville. You aren't going to find a better place for them. I also have to assume that they are brining in huge tax revenues to the city given the value of the land they are parked on.

But the best part is that what they are doing is AWESOME. As i've read in several articles: To those driving by it looks like the same pile of trash there day after day, but in reality they have better than 100% turnover a day through there at times. They recycle not 'a ton' but several tons of trash a day. Isn't that a good thing? Do we want that to leave?

So here's my proposal. Keep it, but make it pretty. Not literally pretty, but more socially acceptable. If possible, throw some sort of dome over it. If that isn't possible (i can imagine it would get more than a little stuffy in there), then at the very least, put some sort of tasteful, but large enough to be visible sign up over the facility. Something cool and eye catching like a giant counter showing the number of tons of waste being recycled. Basically they need some good PR. I think most of Nashville (and certainly the tree-hugging East Nashvillians i know so well living nearby) would love to have a big, huge, symbol of Green Nashville in the middle of town.

It's a good business. Just needs to be spun right.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I can't believe this has apparently been out for a while and i just saw it.
New trailer for Ratatouille! (not just the teaser)

Get the High Def version here.

You can also check out this really funny little short animation test, as well as a behind the scenes video with the writer/director, as well as the technical guys. And last but not least, a set of videos with the writer/director and main star appearing at WonderCon: part 1 and 2. And last but not least, a feature that Good Morning America did on the movie (it is pretty bad though).

Oh - and in related (embarrassing) news: i didn't know ratatouille was actually a real food until my sister pointed it out.

playoff rankings

James Mirtle just posted an entry regarding the overall record of all NHL teams and their post-season success. However, since he based it on teams, it didn't show reality very well...

Here's the chart based on franchises.

Unfortunately, it shows the sad truth that my Nashville Predators are the one and only franchise in the history of the NHL not to have a playoff series win associated with it in anyway. :-( But I think the Coyotes/Jets franchise still has more actual futility and shame attached to it.

Note: these are based on the numbers James pulled together from whowins.com...i have no idea if they are right. However, at best they are based on last year's numbers, not the playoffs so far this year.

Series W L Frc.
Edmonton Oilers 42 29 13 0.690
Montreal Canadiens 104 71 33 0.683
Minnesota Wild 3 2 1 0.667
Tampa Bay Lightning 8 5 3 0.625
New Jersey Devils 34 21 13 0.618
Colorado Avalanche (Nordiques) 35 21 14 0.600
Anaheim Mighty Ducks 10 6 4 0.600
New York Islanders 36 21 15 0.583
Pittsburgh Penguins 32 18 14 0.563
Philadelphia Flyers 56 31 25 0.554
Detroit Red Wings 79 43 36 0.544
Florida Panthers 6 3 3 0.500
Toronto Maple Leafs 73 35 38 0.479
Boston Bruins 80 38 42 0.475
Dallas Stars (North Stars, Seals) 46 21 25 0.457
San Jose Sharks 16 7 10 0.438
Calgary Flames (Flames) 26 11 14 0.423
New York Rangers 53 22 31 0.415
Chicago Blackhawks 63 26 37 0.413
Carolina Hurricanes (Whalers) 17 7 10 0.412
Vancouver Canucks 22 9 13 0.409
St. Louis Blues 48 19 29 0.396
Buffalo Sabres 35 13 22 0.371
Ottawa Senators 14 5 9 0.357
Washington Capitals 24 8 16 0.333
Los Angeles Kings 25 8 17 0.320
Phoenix Coyotes (Jets) 13 1 12 0.077
Nashville Predators 2 0 2 0.000

Friday, April 27, 2007


Inspired by this shot, i have recently gotten in to tilt-shift miniatures. They are amazingly easy to make given the right kind of source photo.

So, here's the set of my first attempts.

Obviously some of these turned out better than others.

The basic idea is to make parts of the image that are near and far fuzzy with a simple blur, while leaving mid-field items in focus. This tricks the eye into thinking that it is a "macro" style image where the camera has a very shallow depth of focus.

Normally this involves horizontal bands of blurring, but for the 1st Ave picture (with Market Street Brewery) i had to go with vertical bands, which was kinda fun. I think it turned out very well. That one and the miniature commuter train (because those are supposed to be miniature) turned out best i think. Now that i know what to do, i'll probably go out and take shots specifically for this sometime soon.

Funny enough, i did these while watching Night at the Museum with Christy - a movie full of miniatures that come to life.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

coming soon: update

So i'm not going to make a massive list like i did last time.

This time i am just going to share with everyone the large list of movies that i "have" to go see this summer/year. As i pointed out last time, it is amazing how many of these are sequels.

Movies i am for sure going to check out:
May 4th - Spiderman 3
May 25th - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
June 8th - Ocean's Thirteen
June 29th - Ratatouille
July 4th - Transformers
July 13th - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
August 10th - Rush Hour 3
August 17th - Fanboys

Others of note that i am going to wait to rent or borrow:
May 18th - Shrek the 3rd
June 15th - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
June 22nd - Evan Almighty
June 29th - Live Free or Die Hard
July 27th - The Simpsons Movie
August 3rd - Underdog
August 3rd - The Bourne Ultimatum
August 17th - The Invasion

Yes, out of the 16 movies that i am interested in this summer, 2 - that is TWO - are original movies (not sequels or remakes or based on TV shows or whatever). Either something is wrong with me, or something is wrong with the movie industry - or both.

Other interesting movies coming in the not too distant future...
His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass
I Am Legend
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Speed Racer - by the Wachowski brothers
The Incredible Hulk - didn't we just do this one?

Other movies coming that are worth noting but don't have set release dates set yet...
The Dark Knight
"Bond 22"
Superman: The Man of Steel
Indiana Jones 4
John Rambo
Shrek 4
Puss in Boots
The Hobbit

Now i have to go work some more...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm famous

After much patience (and sometimes a lack of it) i am finally starting to draw some good linkage from blog rolls and other sites.

Of course it helps that i have started posting comments in lots of places linking back to my blog. Funny how i always complained about few people commenting on my blog, but rarely bothered to comment on anyone else's. Strange how this works out.

Anyway...i am now a featured blog (kinda) on nashvilleistalking.com, and was just selected as the Quote of the Day there.

One Paragraph in this post also prompted an entire entry in response on an AOL Sports official blog. Even if he did call me "Paul Richardson" (he has since corrected it).

Many more visits from comments i made on James Mirtle's blog (well known hockey writer from Toronto) and other places.



Tennessee is about to lift it's moratorium on the death penalty (how much irony is in that phrase). This got me thinking again over the weekend about the death penalty in general.

Now, this is actually not an issue that i was raised with a strong opinion about. I was raised with an evangelical church background- Abortion: no, Drugs: no, Gay Marriage: no, etc, etc...but the death penalty wasn't discussed much.

I think this is largely because most of the politicians that the "right wing" church back, support the death penalty. The leaders of the political evangelical movement (Pat Robertson, Richard Land, James Dobson, etc) have tied themselves to political parties and partisans instead of to issues. I don't blame them too much honestly. We aren't interested in middle-ground in the US. It is a two party system. People like me that are fiscally conservative, socially liberal, morally conservative, and a fairly strict constructionist - have no place in US politics. In order to have some of their issues address (abortion, etc) and to gain political power, they had to align with someone. They found they aligned more with "R" than with "D", so they did.

However, that forces them into a position on the death penalty that is, to me, totally untenable in light of their professed religious beliefs, so they keep quiet about it. (Though some try to defend it)

As i said, this is one of the few issues i didn't have a pre-conceived opinion about. So i was able to go all CS Lewis on it and Reason my way to the answer...

To me, the death penalty is one of the few times you Christians shouldn't have to ask "what would Jesus do?" - they can ask "what did Jesus do?". This is one of the few issues that is clearly addressed with a specific situation in the Bible. When Jesus came upon a group about to stone a woman to death, he flatly declined to participate, and show the woman compassion.

Jesus wasn't about condemnation. He was the exact opposite. He was about hope and 2nd chances (and 3rd, and 4th...)

Who else still has the death penalty? Is this the crowd we want to be a part of?
(click for larger version, here for original)

I don't see any reason to have the death penalty in this day and age. The only possible reason I could see defending it (though it would be amazingly cruel and immoral) would be if it saved money. If we didn't have to pay as much to keep people around in prison. But it actually costs more, so even that horrible, inhuman position is indefensible.

It just doesn't make sense.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I was planning on posting about the end of the Predators season at some point, but i just read the horrid article over at the Tennessean that 2-bit writer John Glennon did. Most of the article was calling the Forsberg trade in to question...that got me riled up enough to post a response on their message board...so that, with a few modifications and pretty pictures, will be my blog post for the season ender:

One of the things Nashville needed this year (besides playoff wins) was respect around the league and in Nashville. Peter Forsberg paid off in that respect before he even put on a Nashville sweater. Much like the LA Galaxy with Beckham, I would be willing to bet that the Predators made back what they paid for Foppa's salary in the flood of merchandising and extra tickets that he brought in, not to mention the flood of media coverage and respect it garnered from national media and fans. The trade was worth every player and draft pick we gave up for it. Having said that, i wouldn't make the smallest effort to re-sign him. He will command too much money for the 40-game seasons that his body has left in it.

As for all the free agents (Kariya, Hartnell, Timmonen): Kariya i'd love to keep, but if we do, we MUST get another trigger man, even if young/cheap, to go with him. Kariya, Sullivan, Forsberg, Kimmo...they are all great assist guys. Amazing passing and puck moving skills. We need more guys like Radulov (and to a lesser extend Dumont and Hartnell) who have a shoot-first mentality. There were far too many games this year where D-men lead the team in shots on goal. To that point - keep Kimmo. Don't over pay him, but he's a strong offensive d-man and we've had too much success with him and Zidlicky playing that style. Back to the trigger man issue: i think it is worth it to keep Hartnell as well, even with the extra salary he will demand. He's also a fan favorite, so that helps soften the blow for...

The coaching staff. I love Trotz. He is Good People. But he obviously can't make the adjustments needed in the playoffs. After game 4, he said during his post game interview that what they were doing should be working (which i couldn't argue with), and will work, they just have to keep trying it and wait for a different result. Last time I checked, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Trotz is a great coach at doing a lot with a little, but given an all-star roster, he couldn't win 2 home playoff games, much less a road-game or the series. We need a coach that can make adjustments and motivate the team. While we're at it - a captain that can motivate as well. Kimmo is a fabulous player and I want him back on the blue line, but he and Trotz both are almost too even keeled. I don't know about the European captain curse (I'd take Foppa as captain) but Kimmo didn't fill that role well.

And as for all the worry about the city supporting the team if we don't succeed - our best season attendance-wise was the 2000-2001 season, when we went 34-36-9-3 and missed the playoffs for the 3rd straight year. We'll be fine. We just need Dell to step up and sponsor the Arena to complete the San Jose rivalry (they play in the HP Pavilion). Then all discussion of them ever leaving town would cease.

Lastly, the Tennessean needs to hire a real hockey reporter that hasn't just been watching the NHL as long as we've had a team. The fact that most of the media covering the Predators (Pete Webber, Terry Crisp excepted) are not hockey people is making the community involvement level worse. The coverage is horrible, so only people that actually make it to a game and fall in love with the play on the ice ever get excited about it. Fortunately, there have been a lot of those people, especially in the last few years. But the media coverage MUST improve. (Note: I think Channel 5's coverage did improve dramatically and I give them full marks for the effort. They are about 80% of the way there now, which is better than the 40-50% for the rest of the TV, newspaper, and radio in town.

Here is Christy's post on the end of the season.

more videos

Just a quick note to all - on the left side of the page i have made several recent additions, including a new link to "My Videos". This will take you to a list of all my videos that i have uploaded to Google Video.

All sorts of random things, but like most of my dealings lately, much of it is Predators related for now. More non-Predators stuff is coming shortly though, i assure you.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

random updates

First, just a note that i've uploaded yet more pictures (not hockey this time) to my Flickr page. Christy actually took a lot of these this time. And if you hadn't noticed, i created a set that is nothing but pictures taken by Christy.

A few highlight pictures that i thought were interesting:

This is a piece of tire tread that somehow got embedded in the road on Woodland Street near I-24. I'd really love to know how this happened and how someone let is stay this way - but i love that they did.

I have always disliked above-ground power lines- but now that i am taking pictures around town and having to frame shots around them - i positively hate them. It is impossible to frame decent shots around them. So here i just gave up and shot a picture of the mess at Main and 5th.

This one i took while just messing around while waiting for Christy to come out to the car. I think it's cool cause i got the camera to focus so that the stuff in front of the car and in the rear-view mirror were both in focus, but the mirror frame and my hand aren't.

In totally unrelated news:
I won first place in my basketball fantasy league!

It went down to the wire - first i was way ahead, then way behind, then in the final day i pulled back to a dead tie and i had the tie breaker! The fact that so many teams (especially the Spurs for me) sat their start players for the last few games of the regular season (since playoff standings were secured) really threw things for a loop.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

there is hope

I never thought i would see the day.

Joey Crawford has just been suspended - indefinitely.
(At least through this year's playoffs.)

I'm not going to rant and rant about it now (maybe later), but here are the pertinent articles and video links:

ESPN Commentary
ESPN Video

Other pertinent blog links on my page and Mark Cuban's
Blog Maverick: Tim Duncan, Joe Crawford and the NBA
The Game That Was
Better Fines

Real Update: Tim Duncan was fined $25,000 for his critical comments about Joey Crawford to the media. This was expected. As you can see from my post "Better Fines", the NBA fines players and coaches when the publicly critisize game officials. This is the best spent $25k Duncan has ever paid out, and i'd be willing to bet that most of the players and coaches around the league would jump to pay the fine for him for helping to get Joey Crawford throw out of the league, if only for the playoffs.

Rant Update: Per request, i will rant a little more...
(warning: this is a particularly rambling, disconnected, random rant)

Joey Crawford is basically one of the worst refs to ever call a pro sports game by most accounts that i know of. At least in the "modern era". Certainly by my opinion. He tries to show up players and coaches, and obviously loves the camera being focused on him. If you skim the comments on the Blog Maverick post above, you'll get some idea what others think (though that is hardly an unbiased forum)

He does a decent job, occasionally, of actually officiating games. There are times when he calls games and there are no stand out problems. The calls seem reasonably fair, and nothing major happens. But then there are other times when he is a loose cannon. He has a dangerous temper and it goes off. That is just not something you can have in a referee. He makes ridiculous (or at least questionable) calls, and if anyone protests, they get a technical foul and are usually ejected shortly thereafter. You can see him giving someone a technical foul in the picture above - it wasn't very hard to find.

In many ways and to many people he is a good ref. He has called more playoff games than any other, and according to the way the league reviews calls, rates very highly on 'accuracy' and making the right calls.

But that comes down to one of the major problems. The NBA and David Stern (the commissioner) have a major problem with the way games are officiated right now. The calls are too inconsistent, and the refs play far too large a part in the game. Some of it is the way new players are playing the game. I think a lot of it is that players are figuring out ways to 'work the system'.

Example: Players normally do not want to foul someone. If you do, then the person gets to shoot free-throws (if they were shooting) and each player can only foul someone so many times. However, there are now many examples, the most famous being Shaq, where it is a clear and obvious strategy to intentionally foul someone. Most teams only use their top 6-7 players very much during the game. Of those 6-7, only 2-3 usually are in a position where they regularly pick up fouls. So - rather than actually try to play defense against Shaq (which most teams are not equipped to do well) they just foul him - because he is a horrible foul shooter. There are 5 players sitting on the bench with 6 fouls each, plus a few from your main players - that is 34-40 times that you can foul someone and if they aren't good at shooting free-throws, you will likely get the ball back. The better average free-throw shooters in the NBA shoot 75% or so, and many players that shoot more like 50%-60%. This is the great strategy known as "Hack-a-Shaq"
The bad part is, it works really well.

The NHL has the great "delayed penalty" rule - if one team commits a foul - a penalty is called. However, if the team that was fouled still has the puck and could potentially do something good with it, they get to keep trying. In the NBA, if someone has a good shot at the basket and is likely to make it, most teams just foul the person now and prevent the shot. This makes the game boring, frustrating, and also frustrates the players which usually leads to more real fouls.

So part of this rant is against the broken system of NBA officiating...

But back to Joey Crawford.
He is worse than most.

Where most reffing crews call an average of around 35-45 fouls per game and average less than one technical foul - Joey Crawford's crew has the infamous distinction of calling two of the worst games in history during the 2003 playoffs between the Spurs and the Mavericks. Joey Crawford himself called 4 technical fouls on Dallas coaches within the first 10 minutes of the game! I am a Spurs fan and can clearly state that this was completly and utterly unwarranted. His crew went on to call 120 fouls and 9 technicals. During the playoffs. And these were two teams that were not known for having attitudes or problem players. This was two of the classiest coache/player sets to play the game in recent history. Joey Crawford became the story of the series (rather than the play on the court) and as a result was warned by David Stern that if it happened again, he would have consequences. Well, here it is.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

the game that was

I kinda feel like this represents the state of basketball in my life right now.

It's a shot of a goal nailed up to a tree across the street from my friend Jamie's old place (just helped him move)

2 years ago I would have listed basketball as my number one sport, and i still love to shoot hoops on my own when no one is looking - but the last time i did that was more than a year ago. and now that i've gotten so in to hockey, and we have a team in town, i haven't been following my Spurs most of this year. maybe when the NBA playoffs start up i'll get back in to it again.

I was talking with my dad about this at the last Predators game. It really makes me sad. I just like hockey better right now. I guess that's ok. That doesn't make me bad right? I just grew up cheering hard-core for the Spurs for so long, i played basketball as a kid (in church leagues and pick-up games).

But the current version of the game, the way the refs call things and the way most teams play...the way the league is so unbalanced...it just doesn't grab me the way it used to.

I am sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that i am going to hockey games live, and live a couple of hundred miles away from the nearest NBA town (500+ if you are looking for a team that actually wins games). We don't have cable and i almost never get to watch Spurs games anymore. Here at the end of the season and in the playoffs that should change since ABC broadcasts games...but now i don't know what's going on. I don't know who's who. I couldn't even tell you off the top of my head who plays center for the Spurs most of the time right now.

I still have a Spurs flag next to the Predators flag on my desk at work. And i still have an autographed David Robinson poster, "Go Spurs Go" sign, and a few other cool Spurs items in the sports-themed (Predators dominated) bathroom downstairs.

But alas, basketball is not the game it once was for me.

I have to say there is the teenie tiniest part of me that hopes that if the Predators don't win it all this year that they just get knocked out early so i can have more time to watch the Spurs in the playoffs. Of course the same could go in reverse. I don't even know if the Spurs are strong enough to guarantee our usually deep playoff run this year.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

pictures, lots of pictures

I haven't blogged on pictures in a while, but for those who have been following my Flickr site, i have been posting a TON (several hundred in the last couple of weeks, actually).

I certainly wouldn't expect most (if any) of my loyal throng of readers (i think i'm up to 4 or 5 now if my mom has been able to "make my blog work").

So, here is a quick summary of what i think are the better and more interesting pictures, as well as the stories behind some of them. (for all of these pictures, just click to see the full view on my Flickr page)

First is a series of pictures taken with long exposure times. Basically the "shutter" (it is a digital camera, so no real shutter) is open for a full 15 seconds. The result is brilliant lights, colors, etc, as well as streaks/stretches anything that moves.

One of the down sides to the long shutter time is that if the camera doesn't stay perfectly still, it totally blurs the image. Sometimes the results are kinda cool though. I've started doing it on purpose occasionally:

Of course, many of the hundreds of pictures i have posted recently have been of hockey related since we've been going to so many games.

Here are some pictures i was able to grab of a tradition that i have noticed that i think is really cool and i doubt most people have seen. Many teams in the NHL just have a bucket of pucks they pour on the ice for free skate (warm ups). Others (like the sharks) have a guy throw them all out on the ice. However, the Predators have someone meticulously stack them in a pyramid shape on the edge of the boards by the tunnel. Then when Vokoun comes out (he almost always leads the team out the tunnel) he knocks them off on to the ice.

Anyway, that's it for now.
Many more on my Flickr site, and i'm sure i'll post more soon.

Monday, April 09, 2007

fantasy hockey results

Sweet! I won!

Honestly i didn't rig the league (i was the commissioner and controlled settings) but i think i did win largely because i was one of the only people that remembered to check on it on a regular basis.

It was a very close final 2 weeks (the finals went for 2 weeks instead of one).
I didn't take the lead until late in the final week. Here's the final scoring summary.

Congrats to all my fellow players and thanks everyone for playing!

Final standings:

1. Predators (Paul)
2. Preds Baby (Ryan)
3. Knuckledraggers (Jason)
4. Puck It Up (Brice)
5. Sabertooth Diago (Brett)
6. Nashville Starcats (Christy)
7. Frog Feet (Danielle)
8. Mandos (Kevin)

Update: I also made it to the final round of my Fantasy Basketball league (Someone else is the commissioner for this one). This one will be over April 18th

Sunday, April 08, 2007

the nhl experience - nashville style

I've shot a good deal of video at recent Predators games.
As a result, i have a series of them uploaded to Google Video that, when strung together, may give you some idea what attending games can be like. (All of these can be viewed much larger by clicking on the Google Video logo instead of just hitting play)

First, we have the occasional open practice the day before a game. The Sportsplex is open to anyone that wants to watch the players run drills or sometimes even have a full practice.

Second, we have the pre-game warm-ups.
Anyone is allowed to go down near ice level (or to the glass if you get there early enough) and watch the players up close. If you are lucky, you may even be one of the many fans that J.P. Dumont or Vern Fiddler flips a puck to over the glass.

Next we have the visitor starting lineups.
In Nashville we have the tradition of yelling "SUCKS!" after each visiting players name is called out. After the coach, we yell "AND HE SUCKS TOO!"

After that, the Predators mascot, Gnash, is introduced. Sometimes he just comes out on the ice riding a four wheeler. Sometimes he comes straight down a rip line. But for really big games (first and last games of the year, playoffs, etc) he will come down the rip line swinging.

Then of course we have the Predators starting lineups as everyone skates out for the game.

Once the game gets starting, it usually isn't long before someone on the opposing team is whisted for a penalty and has to go to the penalty box.
For this, we all yell "AHHHHHH...SIT DOWN YA LOSER!"

Once we are on the power play, it usually isn't very long until we get to go through one of the many stages of our goal celebration with our own creative lyrics to "The Hey Song"

During intermission, there is usually some sort of silly contest featuring some people in tennis shoes trying to run around on the ice. This is my favorite flavor:

After a while the opposing team gets tired of being pushed around and they may start a little fight or two...and then someone may throw a catfish on the ice...and sometimes they happen all at once

So see, it is so much fun - everyone should come out and watch all the hockey games they can in person!

Friday, April 06, 2007

3rd jersey update

A quick update to a post i made waaaay back in October.

Much to the delight of fans (that hated the mustard jerseys) the NHL has outlawed 3rd jerseys in for next season. So last night's season finale may be the last time we see them.

However, my call was right back in Oct - we were much better with them than without them. Much better.

Here's how the record broke down this year (with one game to go):

win loss otl points %
overall 50 23 8 0.667
home 28 8 5 0.744
road 22 15 3 0.588

home jersey*
17 7 3 0.685
road jersey*
22 15 3 0.588
mustard 11 1 2 0.857
* Yes these numbers include the 2 times this year we wore our road whites at home and 2 times we wore and home blues on the road. We split those 4 games 2-2 so they were a wash.

So, clearly we were at our best wearing the mustard jerseys. Enough that i really have to wonder if it helped. Our blue home jerseys are dark, like the refs...i can't tell you the number of times i've watched home games where we pass the puck to the ref...at least it looks like it. They are very distinctive sweaters and i really wonder if it helps us see each other better for passing.

Maybe i'm nuts. Maybe it was the teams we played.
But given the samples to pull from, i really have to wonder...

I wish i had the time/resources to do this for other teams to see what the results were.

Monday, April 02, 2007

pictures and videos

Just a quick update on lots of new pictures I've posted to Flickr
I've included some of my favorites below, but as usual, just go to my main Flickr page to see the latest pictures.

Also - I now have VIDEO!
I'm starting to upload videos shot with my new camera (and probably some other random ones eventually too) to Google Video.

As a demonstration of the exciting videos you have to look forward to, here is a video that Christy shot at the Predators open practice recently. It is Vitaly Vishnevski doing puck drills. Thrilling i know.

I have to run now, but WAY WAY WAY more to come.