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Monday, July 16, 2007

jeremy roenick a predator?

Now this is an interesting theory.

This morning James Mirtle posted that former Blackhawk/Flyer/King/Coyote, Jeremy Roenick, may not be retiring after all. Then this afternoon, hockey blogger extraordinare, Eklund, posted his updated list of unrestricted free agents and included Roenick on that list, and listed Nashville as a possible destination (the only player on the list with Nashville as a destination).

For those that don't know, Roenick is something of a controversial player. Not exactly a dirty player, but a whiner and a talker. Mostly a talker. Picture an NBA player drafted out of high-school but in a 37 year old hockey players very worn out body. On the ice he is nothing compared to what he once was, which wasn't a whole lot to begin with.

So, would Roenick signing with the Predators be something that fans want?

I think yes.

This may sound strange, from a fan that normally is all for the well behaved, mature, quiet teams. But think about it from this point of view: Nashville needs not only a successful team, but 1) vocal leadership 2) a face to the franchise 3) coverage from local and national media.

Roenick brings all of these, but especially #3. The scene at the right is where he would be most useful. Having him on the team guarantees sound-bytes worthy of Sportscenter and the local news. If nothing else, i think it would make for an interesting season. The only possible down side would be if he became too negative on Nashville, but considering how long he's played in Phoenix, Nashville is Toronto by comparison.

Maybe that's where we spend our extra cap money...

He could also come in, alienate fans, and kill any sense of team-unity the Predators have.

I'm glad i'm not the GM.

In related news (and yet another reminder):
The great Eklund himself will be coming to Nashville on Thursday for the Rally. Even more reason to be there! We gotta show him that Nashville fans will show up!


'Coma said...

Is it wrong to be a Predators fan and a Jeremy Roenick fan?
Yeah, but ....

Thanks for the news.


1) At this stage its NOT Roenick's mouth that is his problem, its the fact that he is NO longer an NHL callibre player. He's done. It would be too bad if he decides to play with his diminished skills

The Forechecker said...

JR would be a lousy addition to the Preds. He'd be a distraction and a liability.

In his prime, however, he was one of the top players in the world. That was over 10 years ago by now.

Paul Nicholson said...

I don't disagree.
I'm just thinking out of the marketing half of my brain rather than the fan/sports side.

His contribution on the ice would be minimal, but he would bring press, much as Forsberg did last year. Only with Roenick, he's guaranteed to get on the news at least ever few weeks.

I agree though, not an addition i would make to win games, just to get on the news, which isn't a great reason to sign a player.