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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

indiana jones 4

Yes, for those that haven't already heard, they are finally getting around to making Indiana Jones 4. If you want to read the whole saga of how many times they have tried to make this movie (including M. Night Shyamalan writing a script that was rejected), read the Wikipedia entry here. For those interested in more: Rumor site here. Official site here.

Anyway, they finally settled on a script and just started filming a few weeks ago down in New Mexico. Video from the set here and here. Looks like it will have a strong cast, and with Speilberg and Lucas finally finding one another again, plus the fact that we have assurances from numerous sources that there will be no CGI used in this movie (the effects will all be traditional in-camera effects to mesh with the other movies), it may be possible for this movie to be really solid. (How great would it have been if George Lucas had done that with Star Wars...)

Of course, the one major question everyone has is: Can Harrison Ford pull off an action movie at the age of 65. Well, the answer is: he doesn't have to. Stuntmen will cover all the action sequences. And for the close-ups and dramatic portions...

Well, this is what Harrison looks like now:
Not too bad. Plenty of make-up i'm sure.

But better yet...
Enter the technology used to de-age Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in X-Men 3.

Check these out (click on them to see full size):

That wasn't make-up, and strictly speaking, wasn't CGI. They essentially used photoshop to frame-by-frame give them digital face lifts. Smooth a wrinkle, shorten an ear, shrink a nose...

For any scenes in the Indy movie that need help, shouldn't be any problem at all given the budget i am sure this monster has.

I am listening to the soundtrack to the first films as i post right now.

After the latest several movies by both Lucas and Spielberg i don't know why, but i really have hope that this will be good. We'll find out next May 28th.


Christy said...

I have abandoned all hope.
But I'll still go see the movie.

jimcraig said...

Why cant Hollywood leave sleeping dogs lie? Oh yeah thats right $$$$$$$. Like Lucas or Spielberg need any more $$. I dont understand (other than for $) that these guys keep insisting on making yet another movie in a series. (psst hey George the last 3 Star Wars movies, well they sucked man)

On the other hand I don't see an issue with Ford looking a bit more aged in this movie.

No CGI will be a good thing IMO. Not a huge Indi fan but will probably see it

Paul Nicholson said...

I thought it was rather interesting that apparently the original contract was for 5 Indy movies. They've been trying off and on to get this one made since 1992, so it isn't totally random like Rambo and Die Hard. But no question, it is about the money.

When it comes down to it though, George Lucas is a great storyteller and a horrible director. Steven Spielberg is a great director (generally). So if they really do steer clear of heavy CG, i think this could be really awesome.