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Thursday, August 09, 2007

random musings

I'm happy to hear that Blockbuster just bought out Movielink. Christy and i subscribe to Blockbuster online (i dig the cheaper rates we got, plus the games we can rent in-store, not just movies). This will hopefully just add to the goodness. I wonder if we'll have to choose between an mail+store package or a mail+online package, or if they will just crush Netflix with a wonderful mail+store+online package. I can hope. No news so far.

Of course, what i'm really waiting for is an online HD movie service so i don't have to shell out cash for a BluRay or HD DVD player that may or may not be worth anything in a few years. Just skip it all and download the straight to my PC, which is what i use for all my media anyway. I'd just rip any DVD i own to my network share anyway.

Dental Talk
I got my teeth cleaned earlier this week (actually, i clean them on a daily basis, but i got them professionally cleaned at a dentist office this week). Why is it that dental hygienists (the ones that actually clean your teeth) are insanely talkative. I had a more complex conversation and was asked more questions and given more advice during my cleaning than i have in the last 5 haircuts combined.

I'm not much for chit-chat, but i don't mind a little banter during my service calls...but at the dentist? Have they ever noticed it is a little difficult to hold on a conversation when you keep sticking things in my mouth...namely...their hands? Conversely, have they noticed it is harder to clean my teeth while i'm talking?

I would have been in and out of there waaaay faster if she'd just let me watch the cool TV they have positioned above my head through the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, my dentist is really good, and the hygienist was very good at what mattered. Clean teeth, no pain, good stuff. But man, she was chatty.

Famous Pictures
I'm still waiting for the AP to call. My pictures have now been used in tourist guides for Nashville, two for a calendar for East Nashville, posts on AOL's sports page, and now a few have been personally requested by Andrea Conte (millionaire) and her husband...who happens to be the Governor of Tennessee.

The funny thing is that the pictures that have been chosen are, of course, not my favorites. I'd love someone to use something like this picture, or this one, or the one shown here to the right. For that matter, any shots in either of these two sets: Artsy and My Favs. But alas, these haven't been what they are looking for.

I don't flatter myself to be the photographer that Chris Wage is...or dozens of other people for that matter. But i'm glad that some appreciation is being shown. I need to get used to carrying my camera around with me more. When i first got it, i carried it everywhere with me "just in case". I need to get back in that habit.

Biking in Nashville
A short message to the people who've been complaining about biking issues in East Nashville.
  1. If you want me to respect you and yield to bikers as equals on the road when i'm in my car - then obey the freaking rules of the road! You can't just pull past me at an intersection while i'm at a red light, glance both ways, and run the red light because it's clear. If you're on the road, obey the rules. If you're not going to, then get on the sidewalk and use the zebra crossing.
  2. As for the concerns about people parking in the bike lanes along Eastland: if you want the police to ticket people for parking in the bike lane, you'll probably have better luck if you can first convince the police to not park there themselves. The picture at the right was taken at the East Nashville "Night out against Crime". Nice.


Matt Evans said...

Why do you want net flix to go under? You do realize that the entire reason Blockbuster can give you great prices is because Netflix is their main competition, right?

Paul Nicholson said...

I don't hope Netflix goes under. I just hope the escalation/arms-race of great package offers continues. I'm was saying i hope they don't just half-way do it and offer just mail+online or mail+store, but offer all three to all customers.

Netflix would then have to answer with something like...HD movies online. Or more movies online. Or something.