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Thursday, August 16, 2007

hockey family

First: My wife is awesome.
She just started a hockey blog on HockeyBuzz.com: http://my.hockeybuzz.com/hockeywife
By the way, i am surprised myself at just how sexy i find this.

This reminds me of something i was thinking about the other day... would i be a crazy die-hard hockey fan if i moved away from the Nashville Predators (or God forbid, they moved away from me). I am pretty sure the answer is still yes.

See, i have only really been a hockey fan for about 4 years. I grew up in Texas following mostly basketball and football. Between those two i am certainly more of a Spurs fan than Cowboys or Oilers/Titans. I prefer basketball as a game over football, despite the myriad of problems plaguing the league right now.

Right now i prefer hockey over basketball though. Given a chance to watch the Flyers and Devils play or the 76ers and Nets, i'd go hockey for sure. (Granted, if it was Flyers/Devils up against Suprs and anyone i'd watch my Spurs).

But i've been a big basketball fan for pretty much 20 of my 28 years on this planet. Hockey, only 4. So if hockey was to become less convenient, would i go out of my way to follow it the way i have basketball? I have to be honest and say that i hope so, but i'm not sure. Probably depends on if the Predators moved or i did. I can and would follow the Nashville Predators if i moved back to San Antonio, but i can't see myself living in Nashville and following the Kansas City Predators. I would certainly be more interested in hockey than i used to, but it wouldn't be the same. If on the other hand the Spurs left SA, i could still see myself following basketball, at least to a degree. I know the players, coaches, and back stories so much better.

The summary result of all these deep thoughts: It takes time to be a real fan of any sport. I am a crazy Predators fan, but it will take me years more of following the league to know players on other teams, know who hates who, who came through in the clutch and who is overrated.

So i will close with once again asking the rest of the fans in the NHL to be patient with the newer markets. We'll get there.


jc said...

I was a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was 8, now 35. I am a bigger Sharks fan by leaps and bounds now. Football is much slower and doesnt hold my interest like hockey does.

I have a observation though, and dont take it the wrong way. But if you are a "crazy hockey fan" how come you only have a portion of a season tickets? and in the nose bleeds (think I know this answer 303) and The lack of Jerseys and other schwag?

Just an observation is all.

Christy said...

oh, we got Predators swag.....let me tell you, we got swag:

jerseys, t-shirts, growl towels, pucks, calendars, a stick, posters, Frisbees, water bottles....

-Hockey Wife

Paul Nicholson said...

Fair question.

Yeah, we have a bathroom that is top to bottom Preds stuff (perhaps i will post a picture one day) and many T-shirts, etc. Only the one jersey and partial season tickets for budgetary reasons. We already forgo cable TV so we can see just that many games in person. Wife doesn't work 9-5 anymore and is starting her own business. I'd love to have more jerseys and tickets. We usually pick up a few extra games as the year goes on too. But it's more important to...ya know...eat (and have money to buy playoff tickets) than it is to have full season tickets for us.

jc said...

sorry should have used the word gear instead of schwag, as schwag is usually used for free stuff.

I get that you got lots of stuff. I guess my point was more directed at Jerseys and season tickets.

I get your point though Paul. I do, $ for day to day is important. & saving for playoffs (fingers crossed) is a wise look forward as well.

Just that you tout yourself as a "crazy fan" or "fanboy" and dont really dress the part.

You have however; explained yourself quite well.

would like to see the bathroom though.

Mel said...

I'm not sure you can equate "purchase power" with devotion. I'd venture to guess that many in the upper eschalon of Nashville can afford season tickets, jerseys, extra perks, etc. that few others can, but does it make them any more "crazy" about their team than those who do all they can? What's the greater sacrifice - filling the offering plate from your excess or simply giving your last coin?

jc said...

all valid points

joen05 said...

I have got to get my gf as interested in hockey as your wife. I'm more of a college hockey fan, but I'll watch anytime!