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Friday, August 24, 2007

3+6=11 for the Predators

One of my business law professors in college used to complain about coverage of business law in the media. Business law, he would say, is far more complicated than fits in an easy to read 2-inch column in the paper. It certainly doesn't fit in sound bytes. The burden of proof and reasons for prosecution would frequently get distorted.

He summed this up (pardon the pun) by using the analogy of a mathematician telling you that 3+6+4-2=11. But the media doesn't want to take the time to explain all of that, so he just puts 3+6=11 in the article. Both 3 and 6 were part of the equation, but it is a fallacy to believe that that was all that was involved.

That little story came to mind when Chris Wage over at Metroblogging pointed out this article in the Nashville Post regarding the potential buying group Predators efforts to renegotiate the lease terms with the city.

Great article. Highly advise reading it, if you can make it through. Basically this is complicated. It is money, budgets, politicians, taxes...all that fun stuff.

To me (as a Preds fan of course) it boils down to the group asking Metro for help in making this work, with the promise of taking on more of the risk themselves. They ask Metro to pay more up front, but give up most if not all of the risk. Fixed cost for Metro, more incentive for the ownership group to make the Sommet Center and the Predators profitable.

Sounds like a good situation to me.

In other Predators related blogging news: Christy has a funny post up about her bad luck with Fantasy Hockey last year.

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