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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

predators sale to locals is pending

This was reported several places yesterday (PredJoe really broke the story), but i want to get in on the fun too.

Paul McCann just posted that a press conference is about to be announced...looks like it's here!
(Sounds like a press conference at 2:30pm...that's the buzz anyway)

The Predators will be being sold to the local group (who will obviously do everything to keep the team in town) with the addition of some mysterious outside investor. Maybe "Boots". Maybe Todd Wagner. Very interesting.

In other Predators news, i like the topic of this article in today's Tennessean.

When the Preds signed Gelinas, that got us to the salary cap floor. But there is at least one more trade to make - since we have 24 players on contract that should be at the NHL level, it means we will likely see a trade of some kind. Since we have to stay above the floor, we can't give up any salary, which means we can't just trade a player for draft picks.

We have to lose a player, but not lose salary. So...trade two-for-one. Trade two players and get one (better) replacement. Could be great. I'm not going to begin to speculate who that would be (yet).

Of course, another option exists if any of those 24 players are on a two-way contract. Even if they have to clear waivers, Poile has to try to hold on to the talent he has. Especially since there is no way everyone stays healthy this year (especially with Sullivan's back), we'll need those extra players to be key.

This is also a good time to point out that as much as i love Darcy Hordichuck, he doesn't make sense on the ice. I'd get rid of him easy in place for someone else. He is still here purely for the fans...or to step in if/when Tootoo gets suspended again.

The article also points out that training camp should be very interesting this year given the pressure for roster spots. We saw a few fights last year, i wouldn't be surprised to see a few of the same this year. Those scrimmages started to look like games when the 4th-liners and prospects were on the ice. This is gonna be fun.


Predjoe said...

Let's hope this is a day all Pred fans can look back on with pride!

jc said...

this is welcomed news to this Sharks fan stuck in Preds country.