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Monday, January 22, 2007

summer festivals

Well, i think this will be the first time since i started blogging, but it was inevitable:

Sorry it's been so long!

Not that it really matters. I'm only averaging 6-8 a views a day, most of which are random hits or people looking for hockey stuff. Based on the great response from my request for comments, and the best i can tell, the remaining 2 of you are my wife and father-in-law. Thanks guys.

Anyway, just wanted to tell everyone about the two awesome festivals i'm not going to this summer. I am a big music fan, and love live music, but i mostly enjoy massive festival shows from the comfort of my DVD. I prefer my live music in groups of 200 or less. 200,000...not so much. However, these line-ups give me pause. Several of these bands don't actually exist anymore and a reuniting for these shows - or better yet - are cool, current acts that rarely if ever play live shows, much less play them in the US.

Anyway...you can see the full line-ups other places. Here's the listing of bands that i would actually want to see at each show:

Rage Against the Machine
The Police

Depeche Mode
Daft Punk
Franz Ferdinand
Sigur Ros
Imogen Heap
Massive Attack
Paul Oakenfold
Los Amigos Invisibles

:::Bonnaroo (from a rumored line-up, not official):::
The Police
Bob Dylan
Willie Nelson
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Modest Mouse
Medeski, Martin and Wood
Four Tet

Now, many of these "bands" are electronic acts that consist of one or two people and whose stage shows consist of them pressing play then running cool light shows. I know this because i used to be the guy that pressed play in another band (whoa, flashback). So in reality i don't think i'm probably missing amazing shows as much as the chance to say that i saw Ladytron.

Now, i do think some of them will be great live (Medeski, Bela Fleck, Daft Punk, Sigur Ros), and one i have seen live and know they will be great (Imogen Heap). But over all it is definitely not worth the time, money, discomfort, and general hassle of dealing with the trips to cali or even just down the road to 'roo (man i'm hip...check me throwin' the slang). But i'll probably look to buy the DVD if they sell them.

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