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Monday, January 15, 2007

it worked!

I'm almost afraid to think it. It may jinx it.

As my wife just said, "Craig Leipold is a genius".

We were just flipping channels watching the various local 10 o'clock news broadcasts tonight. Predators coverage was amazing!

Channel 2 gave a solid two minutes of coverage including several highlights of tonight's game. Game highlights, post-game interviews with Erat, Legwand, and Arnott. Then...and this blew me away...they showed 15 seconds of highlights from tonight's Red Wings game to promote our upcoming match-up! Wow! You mean there's a whole league of this "hockey"?!?

Next was Channel 5 with solid coverage and a good 30 seconds of highlights followed by post-game interviews with Erat, Legwand, and coach Trotz. Then they mentioned the upcoming Red Wings game, saying it was important because they were right behind us in the division.

Channel 4 even covered the Radulov/Fiddler roster issues. They interviewed Fiddler about it, thought they misspelled his name ("Fidler"). They then showed game highlights for about 15 seconds, then showed post-game interviews with Legwand and Erat. They too plugged the next game vs. the Red Wings. They also pointed out that we now have more wins than any other team in the NHL.
Yesterday Channel 5 also did a great feature story on Scott Nichol and another recently on Alex Radulov. They were nice enough to post the video online here.

I just can't believe it.
A great article in the City Paper today.
Great coverage of the game on local TV.

Keep it coming!


Anonymous said...

What's sad is that just days ago when those said channels were covering the "impending move" of the Predators not once did they interview a player or "the owner" as they called him (never once mentioning his actual name). Gosh it only took how many years to get a few seconds on the news??? Pathetic.

jones said...

It is sad, but let's hope we're turning a corner here.

Paul Nicholson said...

That is my hope.

The arguments have been that fans don't come because media doesn't cover. Media doesn't cover because fans don't come.

Now that we can get the cycle started in a positive direction, hopefully things will continue.