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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

how long?

An elderly driver just killed an 8-year old boy and injured two others when she crashed into a school cafeteria.

How long will it be until we finally start requiring regular drivers testing?

After other cases like this some have suggested banning elderly drivers. While i agree in principle that would be good, where do you draw the line? 85? 80? 75? You are still going to have dangerous drivers on the road and take safe drivers off no matter where you draw the age line.

So why not more frequent tests? You are required to pass a test when you get your license at 16 (though terrifying enough - not all states required driver's ed first). Why not another test at 18?, Then 20? Then 25? ...and every 5 years there after? I know i could use the refresher.

Eventually everyone looses the mental or physical ability to handle the dangerous equipment all Americans are raised to know as a birth-right. Make the roads safer. Force drivers of all ages to think about their driving habits at least every few years.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that testing EVERYONE every 5-8 years would be beneficial, because I know 90 year old drivers that are much safer than some 30 year old drivers... the real killers as you know, are the drunken drivers of any age. Unfortunately, our legislators as well as society in general are not really dedicated to stopping them. 24 hours in jail and temporary loss of license has never worked...3 months in jail and a $10,000 dollar fine and loss of the car for the first offense would put a big dent in repeat offenders...double those penalties for second offense and see how many do it the third time...but it will never happen....too much big money out there against it!

Your Father-in-law

Paul Nicholson said...

I agree. I personally would have no problem if every car had a breathalyser built-in (as one of my friends in high school had). But I certainly think that mandating it for anyone on their first DUI offense is a no-brainer.