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Friday, February 22, 2008


Wow. That went fast. 400 posts in 499 days.

It took me just over 3 months to get to 100 posts (from 10/11/2006 - 1/16/2007). I tried really hard to at least average a post a day for a long while there, and got pretty darn close. It tapered off after a while though, and it took 6 months to get to post #200, thought i didn't even realize it at the time. Still not a bad post rate i guess. Now i just realized a few days ago i was coming up on 400. We're here...yay!

What's kinda funny, is that i also just crossed my 5,000th picture on Flickr, which happened to be of Dan Ellis making a save against the Coyotes.

So, in celebration of both milestones, instead of repeating the strongbad-esque repetition of the word "blog", or better yet, a Stargate-style parody of myself, i'm going to make this a good-old fashioned best-of blog. That's right. Like bad sit-coms of the 80's and 90's, you're getting a clip show!

I think i'll make this more of a superlative to start with. For Flickr that's easy - this whole photo set is nothing but my "most interesting" pictures (a formula Flickr uses based on views, comments, favorites, and other factors). My most "interesting" picture according to the Flickr masses is by far my miniature version of the Preds playoff game against the Sharks last year (at right). Although my single most viewed photo is, for some bazaar reason, a picture of a jack-o-lantern i did with my co-workers two halloweens ago. It's cool, but i have no idea what drives the views on this thing. I don't even thing that's the best picture of it. The most favorited picture is one that i personally love - a miniature of the commuter rail train in downtown Nashville, and the most commented is of a funny church sign in our neighborhood.

As for my most "interesting posts", that's a little harder to nail down. The most comments i've ever had on a single post is 8, and that's happened several times (Bad news for Preds, name change, and bad movies. As for traffic driving posts... The first major traffic driving post i had was, well, post #100, oddly enough. I went from having 10-15 unique visitors a day to 123 that day. The next post is where i really hit it big - the predators what?!?! was one of the first post on the entire interwebs to break the story that the Predators were being sold to Jim Balsillie. It was posted late on the 23rd and drove 523 unique visitors within 48 hours. Other posts have driven good traffic too, including other updates on the Preds sale and a post about the new "megatron" screen in the Sommet Center.

The posts that by far has the best continual traffic draw are this one because of the images of vintage hockey masks shows up in Google Image Search a lot, and this one because AOL's Fanhouse linked to it (and used my picture).

I also just have to point out some of my personal favorite posts... like the one where i predicted (using evidence that only i had) that Peter Forsberg would be staying in Nashville for the 07-08 season (which of course, didn't happen - i don't mind), and my post about couldn't/could care less.

And the torture will last no longer... i'll wrap up with some of my favorite Flickr pictures...

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Jeff Pope said...

nice blog PAUL...i just wanted to use all caps and bold for your name, cause your cool.