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Friday, September 21, 2007

Preds vs Thrashers with Video!

Here it is, video of our awesome new scoreboard. Wow. This thing is amazingly sharp and huge!!! I think it must be even higher than HD resolution (1920x1080). It looked amazingly sharp, even right up close. That's the other thing - it is so huge that it looks up close no matter where you are.

Best of all, replays are actually worth something. You can actually see the puck! For some reason the horn/music after goals was off all night. Hope they get that fixed soon. Ditto for the shot counter. It was off all night (3 shots to 5 in the 1st, 0 to 0 in the 2nd, 6 to 2 again in the 3rd...).

Here's the video!

Nashville Predators new scoreboard from Paul Nicholson on Vimeo.

For all my friends behind firewalls, you can download the mpeg2 video here.

Also got a bit of video of the one fight. Tootoo and McCarthy did more than just scrum. McCarthy had Tootoo down and was wailing on him, the refs were moving in to break it up, just about then Tootoo regained his feet, and body slammed McCarthy over his shoulder, then started wailing on him. That dude is strong.

Jordin Tootoo bodyslams the opposition from Paul Nicholson on Vimeo.

I also took a ton of pictures at the game. I feel like i'm getting better and better at working with the right settings for shooting hockey. Check out the full set here.


Dave said...

I submitted this post to Digg...

I dugg it! :)

Southern Beale said...

Ditto for the shot counter. It was off all night ...

Well I THOUGHT something was weird ... new scoreboard is also going to take some getting used to.

jc said...

the scoreboard looks great. wonder if Arnott doesnt have new skates?

as for the Tootoo fight, I see that they were both on their knees (should have stopped it) but from your vid you see Mcarty connect right off then miss 2 times in a row, Tootoo stands up and Mcarty is on his back and Tootoo rolls over on top of him. That is hardly a "body slam"

cool non the less