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Monday, May 07, 2007

forsberg staying in nashville?

I may, just may have some evidence to support that - whether or not he plays for the Nashville Predators or any other team next season - Peter Forsberg might be looking to stay in Nashville.

How am i coming up with this? Did i suddenly become friends with the hockey legend?

I just check my web stats and visitors obsessively.
I had a visitor recently log in from a Swedish IP address, who hit my blog by searching Google for the phrase: "east nashville" hood

Clearly, this is Peter Forsberg (or some of his family) planning a move to the hippest 'hood in Nashville. How can i make the jump to Forsberg?

1) How many people in Sweden are there that know that there is a part of town known as East Nashville and that it is "the hood"?

2) Google has recently implemented improved, personalized search results based on past searching history. Forsberg has searched for a lot of hockey stuff i am sure, and what do you know, i talk about hockey and East Nashville on my blog a lot.

So all i'm sayin' is: you heard it here first.


Christy said...

As much as I want Forsberg to stay, I bet your Swedish visitor was an IKEA exec scoping out a place to put their next store. Yay!

Paul Nicholson said...

yeah. lets hope so!

Matt said...

Wow. Talk about 6 degrees of separation. You may be rivaling Sherlock Holmes there, if you are right, but that is quite a stretch in my opinion. :)

Reid said...

Interesting take! However, "east" in Swedish translates to "depart"...and "hood" is clearly a reference to Mt. Hood here in beautiful Central Oregon. So what this actually means is that Forsey is looking to leave Nashville and establish his own expansion team here in Oregon. Sweet. He must have got all of my fan mail. Woo hoo!

jamie said...

I've always enjoyed googling something I'm interested in and finding one of my own blogs/posts/pages in the top 25 hits. It kinda makes me feel like I rule.

There's gotta be a better way to view all of these different blogs...Paul?


jamie said...

I have my google homepage setup for fun things like pacman and dilbert- I'll have to add some feeds. I have too many friends on different blog sites.

Thanks dude- good luck on telling the future!

Paul Nicholson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.