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Monday, June 18, 2007

put me in a better mood

Another blogger recently posted about a scene from the Mary Tyler Moore show being the funniest in sitcom history. It was very funny, and no doubt would have been funnier in the greater context, but not the best i've seen.

Bar none, the best episode/moment in a sitcom i have ever witnessed was the opening episode of season 3 of the Dick Van Dyke show, "That's My Boy". The basic premise is that Rob and Laura (played by Mary Tyler Moore by the way) have just had a baby and Rob is absolutely convinced that the hospital gave them the wrong baby. Much hilarity ensues, but the ending scene is absolutely priceless - and ground breaking. I don't want to spoil the end for you, but it was one of the first of its kind (if not the first) on US television.

Without further ado, here it is:

Reportedly the audience laughed for several straight minutes when the gag was finally pulled, and it had to be edited out. Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke both said in the DVD bonus content that it was by far the longest laugh they've ever gotten.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That was funny, but my favorite is "All in the Family"
Season 4, Episode 71

Archie locked himself in his basement for a weekend...He was getting something ready for the movers to take, and he got locked in.
The others were out of town, and he was stuck down there. He did a great, one-man show. Alcohol has always been a fertile writing tool,
so they had Archie find an old bottle of Scotch. "A blanket in a bottle," he called it. As he got drunker, he convinced himself he was dying.
(When you're drunk, you don't need a reason to act illogically.) So he's drunk, passing out and waking up, wondering if he was alive on Earth or had died and gone to Heaven. When the movers arrived, (they were black of course) they let themselves in the house and called out for Archie,
yelling, "Mr. Bunker, are you down there?" Archie thought God was speaking to him from Heaven. He dropped to his knees and prepared
to meet his maker. The black guy walked down the steps, behind Archie, who was on his knees. Archie steeled himself for this once-in-an-afterlife
opportunity to meet God. Finally, on his knees, he spun around to meet God and said, "This is it!" He opened his eyes and saw a black man.
The look of panic and confusion on Archie's face was pure gold. The only words he could muster were,
"Forgive me, Lord. Jefferson (his black neighbor) was right."