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Monday, June 25, 2007

ahead of schedule

The Tennessean is reporting that the Predators are well ahead of their normal pace when it comes to season ticket sales. Renewals are about the same as this time last year, with 67% of the previous season's STH renewing so far (those figures climb as the season gets closer). The really great news is the new season ticket sales. The Predators have already sold the equivalent of 1,000 new season tickets (through a mixture of full and partial packages). Last year at this time the team had sold 750 new season ticket packages.

This is HUGE! There are several other initiatives still just getting started, and two ticket selling events planned that haven't even happened yet - the concert on the 10th, and the all-day ticket-thon and rally that 104.5 is doing at the Sommet center (and on-air for 13 straight hours) on the 19th. I also have to say i love how these groups are raising money to buy tickets that will then be donated to charity groups in town.

The best thing about all of this is that even without those events we're already ahead of last year, when we only fell 185 tickets short of the magic 14,000 number. If the rallies and ticket-thon that 104.5 is planning have any level of success, then things are looking very good indeed for keeping the Predators here.

Of course, the other major benefit of all of this, is that with all of these high-visbility campaigns and large numbers of the public showing up for events, local businesses are getting a chance to see that the Predators have rabid fans and that sponsoring and advertising with the team (aside from buying tickets for themselves) make business sense, which will help the team be more profitable and viable in the future - whoever owns the team.

Predators prospect conditioning camp opens tomorrow! It runs June 26th - July 2nd. All of our new draft picks and several other prospects are expected to be in attendance. They will be held at the Centennial Sportsplex, but no word on what if any times they will be having workouts that are open to the public.

Also no work on when training camp will be yet. I'm saving up a vacation day or two ;-)


jimcraig said...

Even though I am not a "true" preds fan. I would hate to see them leave Nashville. I might attend this. Can I wear my Sharks jersey? ;o)

Paul Nicholson said...

i'd think so. i mean, it's good to show general support for hockey in nashville, period.
the open house is pretty cool if it is what they did last year. you get to tour the locker rooms, etc.

but if you wear your sharks sweater, don't blame me if you end up stuffed in a locker :-)

jimcraig said...

not afraid of preds fans ;o)

I think I will make a point to go. I love hockey, and dont want to see the preds leave. If I can swing it I will get a 2 seat game pack this year.