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Monday, June 04, 2007

fans are coming through

According to an article in the Tennessean today:
      This years season ticket holder renewal rate so far: 66.5%
      Last years season ticket holder renewal rate at this point: 66%

And in regard to Balsillie's silence to this point, the article quotes commissioner Gary Bettman as saying "In that regard, what (Balsillie) says or doesn't say and when he says it isn't as important as what the people in Nashville do.''

The fans are stepping up. At least as much as they did last year. We want to keep this team. The true fans are here.

Also wanted to point out a quote from James Mirtle, a hockey writer for the The Globe and Mail in Toronto (who has commented on my blog more than once).

I hear all the time how there aren't hockey fans in many of the new American markets, but it seems like every second email I get is someone from Raleigh or Tampa or Texas and they often have sound reasoning for every point they make.

The league's reach may be meagre on a wide scale, but in individual markets there are definitely growing groups of knowledgeable, hardcore fans. The funny thing is that, this season in particular, it was a lot of the markets that have been around for a long time that really struggled at the gate, and the bottom feeders in attendance the past two years have been St. Louis, Chicago, the Islanders, Washington and New Jersey.
Go Preds.
Go fans.


Mack said...

Hey Paul. I found your site via my daughters blog. It was nice of you to stop by her place. Wow. You are all over this preds thing. I have never had an opportunity to see a hockey game live. I hear its better. I stopped going to see professional sports, (I used to be a HUGE basketball fan) when the price of tickets got out of hand for the average family. It seems like an elitist past-time now. Anyway, having in lived in Los Angeles most of my life, I know what it is like to lose a franchise. (Though, I don't miss the Rams) You are doing a wonderful job keeping everyone informed. I wish you and the other fans the best of luck. Be well.

Paul Nicholson said...

Thanks Mack.

Ticket prices are actually one of the things i love about the Preds.
My seats are $13 per game, and i love them (they are back row, but in this place, it isnt bad).

The Preds also offer the "Family Fun Zone" which is an alcohol-free area of fabulous seats. $99 gets you 4 tickets, 4 food vouchers (hot dog or nachos i think) and 4 small drink vouchers. Fabulous deal. A family of four can barely go to the movies for that these days.