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Sunday, October 15, 2006

mustard hockey

So, after the Predators opened their season last year with 8 straight wins, and an improved roster this year, expectations were high. At least mine were. I didn't think we'd win 8 out of the gate, but i was hoping for at least a 6-2 start or something. Things didn't work out that way though. We started with 3 straight losses. The first two were bad. Didn't play well, etc. Third one we played better, but still came up short.

Anyway, on Friday the Tennessean did a story on some of the superstitions and routines that the Preds players and coaches have. Funny stuff like Scott Nichol's pre-game PB&J, etc. My friend Anna (i did her website BTW) is singing the national anthem before the game on Dec 14th. They told her that if the Preds win that night, she is likely to be asked back. If they loose, she is likely to not return - has nothing to do with her singing.

Well, anyway - after the 0-3 start, you knew coach Trotz would start shaking some things up. Not only did he start messing with the lines, but out came the much maligned "3rd jersey". The mustard-colored sweaters that look more like a practice jersey than anything official. Fewer markings, fewer colors - just a lot of yellow-ish mustard color. I don't mind them that much really, but some of the players are reported to hate them, and most fans like to wear them in the stands, but prefer the players refrain from wearing them on the ice.

Well, i would be willing to bet we see a lot more of them soon. After going 9-4 last year in the mustard, and getting our first win of the season with them this year, i am sure we'll see them a lot more.

How much more we'll see them is an interesting question. There is actually a schedule of when they are supposed to wear the jerseys (Sat's game was already on the sched), but i wouldn't doubt it if we start wearing them as our full-time home colors.

FYI: They are already scheduled to wear them for the game Anna is singing for.

Update: The Predators finished the season 11-1-2 while wearing the "3rd Jersey", including a 6-0 win in the game Anna sang at.

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