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Friday, December 01, 2006

sequel to sequels

This is getting rough... The Star Wars prequels were one thing, and Hollywood has always loved remakes. But this latest fascination with doing sequels of movie franchises long abandoned is getting silly. If you want to read an article, read this one.

Otherwise, i think this list speaks for itself. This is all the sequels that have come out in the last year or are slated to be released in the near future (or known/planned movies in the more distant future). That's right, from 2005 forward, we will be or have been subjected to 54 sequels.

New SequelSince Last MovieSince First Movie
"Bond 22"2 years46 years
(Untitled "Pink Panther" Sequel)2 years45 years
Casino Royale4 years
44 years
The Pink Panther30 years43 years
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
3 years32 years
Superman: The Man of Steel3 years years31 years
Rocky Balboa16 years30 years
Superman Returns19 years28 years
Alien vs. Predator 23 years28 years
Indiana Jones 419 years27 years
Rambo 4: In the Serpent's Eye20 years26 years
Hannibal Rising5 years21 years
Live Free, Die Harder12 years19 years
The Dark Knight3 years19 years
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles14 years17 years
Batman Begins8 years16 years
Basic Instinct 214 years14 years
Clerks 212 years12 years
The Santa Clause 34 years12 years
Mr. Bean's Holiday10 years10 years
Mission Impossible 36 years10 years
Rush Hour 36 years9 years
Shrek 43 years9 years
Puss in Boots3 years9 years
The Hobbit6 years8 years
Scary Movie 52 years8 years
Wolverine1 year8 years
The Legend of Zorro7 years7 years
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price
1 year7 years
Magneto1 year7 years
Big Momma's House 26 years6 years
Shrek the 3rd3 years6 years
Ocean's 133 years6 years
X-Men 3: The Last Stand3 years6 years
Scary Movie 43 years6 years
Final Destination 33 years6 years
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix2 years6 years
28 Weeks Later5 years5 years
Spider-man 33 years5 years
Resident Evil: Extinction3 years
5 years
The Bourne Ultimatum3 years5 years
Van Wilder 24 years4 years
Ice Age: The Meltdown4 years4 years
Evan Almighty4 years4 years
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End1 year4 years
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire1 year4 years
Saw 41 year4 years
Underworld: Evolution3 years3 years
Transporter 23 years3 years
The Grudge 22 years2 years
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer2 years2 years
Cheaper by the Dozen 22 years2 years
Saw 31 year2 years
The Hills Have Eyes 21 year1 year
Saw 21 year1 year

(OK, i just found another page with many more listed. I will work to add those to the list in the near future)

Of course many of these actually reference TV shows, comic books, or novels that far pre-date even the first movie in the series. I also don't count movies that are straight remakes. It would have taken me forever to put that list together.

I guess there really is nothing new in Hollywood.


Amy said...


I Mean... really? They're making these movies... who's going to see Teenage mutant ninja turtles in 2007?

Paul Nicholson said...

TMNT - I'm gonna see it! Between that and Transformers...oh yeah. Besides, TMNT is having a comeback with kids too. i think there is a new Sat morning cartoom.

But i agree on the list as a whole. i'm not really excited by Saw 14