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Thursday, October 12, 2006

night of blogging and hockey

So tonight i hung around and watched hockey at a bar, and blogged...
Here is the result:

So, i have discovered that an interesting side effect of having a blog: i am constantly thinking of things to blog during the day - especially while in the car. Of course, now that i can actually write it, i can't remember most of what i was going to say.

I was originally hoping to watch the game at Batter'd n Fried. Alas, they have a baseball playoff game on there, and Matt (the owner) directed me "up stairs" (actually up a hill and across a parking lot) to Beyond the Edge. He owns both places and is trying to make BTE a place known for having the Preds games on. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept - except that Batter'd n Fried is smoke-free. BTE is not. It's not horrible. Certainly not as bad as the Box Seat or other sports bars i've been in, but it's there none-the-less. Oh - and BNF is a good, casual restaurant. Quiet-ish. BTE is has a loud-ish crowd here mostly for beer (duh) and worse: a juke box blaring really loud (usually really bad) music. Just not conducive to watching, thinking, and typing. But they didn't ask me.

End of the first period. Preds down 0-1. doh.
I'm going to use the intermission to start writing a big blog entry about what's wrong with Major League Baseball. Yes i am writing in my blog that i am going to start writing a future blog entry. Maybe i'm taking this blog thing too far...

Fox Sports just showed a really cool looking feature with Jordan Tootoo and Scottie Upshall doing a community outreach deal where they played street hockey with a bunch of kids and signed autographs and stuff. Looked really cool. They also talked a lot. Too bad I didn't hear a word of it! No close caption, and no way i could hear it over the deafening, bad nu-metal. Oh well.

So after much writing, this baseball story is apparently turning into that: a story. Its already way too long for a blog entry. I may need to create a section for "essays" or something.

Back to the topic of my venue for the evening. I moved from a seat at a bar-type thing (standing table in the middle of the restaurant) to a nice cushy high-backed chair on a stage-like thing they have here. Its just up a few inches, so its not like i really am on stage. But it's right in front of a plasma, and is a lot easier on my back than the bar stool was. This i can live with. Even if i will smell like an ashtray and be deaf when i get home.

I'll say this much. The Preds are still down 0-1, but we are playing way better hockey than those first two games. We are on the attack, but not giving up odd man rushes. We are making Chicago work for every shot. The defensmen are playing smart and the forwards are not out of position. By all rights we should be up at least 2-1 anyway. We've pinged the post no fewer than 3 times that i've noticed and the 2nd period isn't even over yet. Mason has been playing lights-out too. I don't think Vokoun has lost his mojo, he's still our #1 goalie, but it's good to know Mason is at least as good and gives us a solid 2nd backstop when we need it. And heck, i'll say it: if it turns out Vokoun did loose his stuff, it is nice to have a good option for #1.

Finally, the predators scored!
About 5 min into the 3rd, its 1-1.
Bad part...the bar hasn't been this quiet all night long. No kidding. The juke box just quit about the time the puck went in, and its creepy quiet in here. Noone reacted to the goal except myself (a slight double-fist pump and "yes" under my breath). I looked around and didn't see any other reactions. Sad.

So that's it. Pred's lost 3-1 (take away the empty-netter and it was 2-1). A well played game, but still a loss. Not a great start this year.

And with that...my longest blog entry to date (hopefully ever?) comes to an end.

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