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Monday, October 16, 2006

5 points addition?

I just read an article in the City Paper talking about a new development in 5-point. Not in the 5 Points area, but one of the actual 5 "points". Ya know, the parking lot next to the realtors.

The lot cant be more than 40ft by 100ft at most, and its now supposed to house a 2-3 story building with retail and residential spots?

I don't think so.

Parking is already an issue down there, but now we're going to take away spots - and add reasons to need more of them? Not to mention it is going to completly block the view of Art & Invention, which is realistically the destination on that "point".

The author of this piece seems very excited. He wants to get rid of the "mulch pit" and the parking lot. 5 Points is an area, not an intersection. There is nothing magical about those "points" themselves.

The parking is needed and visually opens up the intersection. The "mulch pit" belongs to Cumberland Hardware store that has been there since at least early 60's. Get rid of the "pit" and it will likely drive them out of business.

Does a "modern" 3 story building towering over the area honestly sound like a good idea for "historic" 5-points? Instead, I would vote that some of the other buildings in the area be re-habbed into useful spaces (such as the red-ish purple building next to the Citgo, the always-closed interior decorator next to Cumberland Hardware, or the former Karma building behind Alley Cat).

They are also planning on calling it "The Woodland at 5 Points". Um...pretentious? Yes. Lame? Yes! How about calling it "Le Pent-house" (ha ha, get it..."pent"). Besides, its address won't even be on Woodland, it will be on South 11th Street, but i guess "The South 11th Street at 5 Points" sounds really dumb.

Yes, the Citgo could use a face-lift, but other than that why compress more construction (which will destroy traffic patterns while being built) into a historic area when you could move just down the block and stretch the space further, probably for cheaper too.

Oh - and he also rattled off a few nicknames for 5 Points.
My new nomination: da penta

(update: the property in question is parcel 08309017900 and is exactly 35.75ft x 143 feet. With 6 feet of right-of-way and sidewalks off two edges, it is effectivly 30ft x 137ft.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah....personally, I like the idea of beautifying that corner (or "point"), but their plan sounds rather ambitious for such a small space....how about some more trees or something?