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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Location Location Location

My wife and i like Publix. Much more than Kroger. It reminds me of the old H.E.B. grocery stores in Texas. Bigger, cleaner, higher quality food (especially produce). A little pricier, but not too bad.

Everyday, we drive under this sign at Woodland and I-24 downtown:
It has changed several times over the last couple of years, but has almost always had some variation on the "High Quality, Short Drive" theme.

Here's the problem. The nearest Publix to this sign is over 9 miles away, and a good 10-15 minute drive.
The blue icon is the billboard. The yellow bags are the Publix locations.

My wife has actually driven all the way out to one of these locations just to get in a visit. Just pray there isn't bad traffic or the milk will go bad.

"Short drive"....right.


Anonymous said...

Those are Texas miles....nine miles in a state as big as Texas is like two miles in Tennessee....

Christy said...

I'd say it takes 20-25 minutes to get to any of the locations.

mom said...

i like the Pub, too. I'm 5 minutes from one, ten from another, 15-20 minutes from a 3rd...just in the right place I quess. I also love the awesome support one of the stores gives to the neighborhood elementary school!

jc said...

I really think it has to do with the type of area you live in. I lived 1/4 mile from 1 at my last place and less than a 1/2 mile from 1 now. But I have never seen one on Nolensville Rd. or Antioch area.

You said it, its a nicer store, more upscale better quality higher prices. Supply & demand, folks in not as nice areas cant afford to shop there, thats why you have Super Walmarts & Krogers.

Paul Nicholson said...

Yeah, you're right. $1 mil for a house on a half-acre...East Nashville's obviously not a nice part of town. And downtown where they're building the Signature tower and all that...trashy.

They just build new boxes out in the burbs. They don't have any space to build a Publix in East Nash or i'm confident they would have a long time ago. This was less a rant against not having one (though i'd like one to be sure) and more a comment on how goofy that sign is because of where it's placed.