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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beautification Power

One of our councilman over here in East Nashville is working on passing an ordinance that will help clean-up Gallatin Rd. I'm all for the concept of making it look nicer. Though i am a little libertarian to love the idea of limiting the types of businesses that can be along the road (with no schools, etc anywhere near by), i personally don't love them so i guess i can live with it. Besides limiting the types of businesses that can be along the road, they also want to restrict the placement of parking lots (they can only be at the rear of the property now, with vehicle access from side roads, etc). That one makes less sense to me...but ok, whatever. Lastly, they want to restrict signs. They can only be attached to buildings or low-lying on the ground - small, unobtrusive, etc. Fine. I'm all for a little height restriction, but overall sign clutter doesn't really seem to bad.

Here's the deal people. You want to make Gallatin Rd look nicer (and the rest of Nashville while you're at it)...

Get rid of the above-ground power lines.

They are ugly, messy, way more 'cluttered' looking than any signs. Not to mention they make for a trashy power system. Above-ground power lines are full of electrical noise and are more prone to outages than lines that are all above ground. Not to mention the health problems associated with above-ground power. Bury them like any modern city. I'll have less wear-and-tear on my electronics, have to buy fewer power filtering adapters, and not have to put a UPS on everything i own because the power goes out when it gets windy outside. Most of all, it will just plain look nicer.

The Australians are burying their lines. There are studies and papers being written on the advantages all the time. Besides the fact that nobody wants above-ground power.

Here's a little fun i had with photoshop for comparison.

Which do you think looks better? Lower signs, or no power lines?

But oh yeah - here's the trick. One cost the city money, the other cost private business owners money. Guess which one we're gonna get...


Mrs. Jim said...

your gonna get lower/smaller signs. cause it doesnt cost tax payers a thing, it cost business owners.

burying power lines is a great idea, it will make things look 100 times better. but it is time extensive and very expensive. I already have issues with how much NES charges us, this would only hike it up more. Also I think they are spread pretty thin and with winter coming it justs gets worse. I agree it should be done, and any new lines that go in should be mandated that they are underground, but I think this city is a long way off from thinking like this.

Anonymous said...

All of the power lines are underground in Lubbock, Texas, where we used to live. (They also had a sign ordinance) I think it would actually save the money to bury them because there would be almost no outages due to thunderstorms and freezing icy weather like we have here so often. It seems like NES spends an enormous amount of money fixing downed lines, paying overtime, etc. and losing revenue from the lack of use that produces. Oh yes, and don't forget the cost of all of that tree trimming they do such a great job of, too! I'd love to see a study about that done.

The very least Metro could do would be to mandate all future lines be underground!

Amy Nicholson said...

great visual and great idea.

lcreekmo said...

I like your image. Now just figure out how to fund it.... :)

Anonymous said...

i'd love to see the low signs AND no power lines. But I agree the power lines are more of an eye sore. The parking in the back may look neater, but I doubt it is safer for customers.