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Thursday, December 14, 2006

just having fun

I got to see Alexander Radulov at the Darcy Hordichuck Show last night.

He is so fun. His english is coming along well, but is still bad - but he is so enthusiastic.

Scott Hartnell: "It's like every goal is his first goal. His arms are going wild and even when he's by himself, it seems like he's giving high-fives to everyone because his hands are going crazy. His facial expression is priceless, too. It's like he's a kid in a candy store. It's a lot of fun to watch and be around. I feed off that. I love watching him. You get a smile, you get a kick out of it and it makes you want to play harder for him and for the team.''

Alexander Radulov: "That's just the way I play. I feel better that way. I'm excited and I can't hold it inside. I need to let it out."
Apparently Steve Sullivan encouraged him to calm it down a little...
Alexander Radulov: "You have to respect the other team, so you have to be more quiet,'' Radulov said. "When I first came (to the NHL), I didn't know that. But now I understand. I need to take it easy.''
Coach Barry Trotz: "The old school of thinking is sometimes just that — old. It's the new NHL, baby. We have an exciting product and he's an exciting player. If it wasn't genuine, then I'd have a problem with it. It would be showmanship. But he just loves to score. He gets a real rush from it.''
I'd say keep it up A-Rad.

You're making the game fun. Not to mention, helping NHL 07 look more realistic. The characters always have huge celebrations for every goal - even when you score 12 a game. And apparently Radulov actually did the whole 'stick-is-a-sword' thing while he was in the juniors. I'd pay money to see him do that in the NHL.

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