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Monday, October 01, 2007

Smoking Ban NOT Going Into Effect

So while i was at Laura Creekmore's birthday party at Beyond the Edge last night, i went over to talk Predators hockey with the manager, Joseph (I also thanked him for providing the great appetizers and other goodness for the party). While we were talking, i brought up the smoking ban and said i looked forward to being able to come to the new smoke-free version of Beyond the Edge.

He said they weren't going smoke free.
I asked if that meant they were going 21-and-up. He said no.

I was confused.

He said that he's seen stuff in the paper, but no one from the city, state, or any other group has sent them any notifications or dropped by to notify them of the change in the law. He said he and the other managers from East Nashville bars (i assume he means 3 Crow Bar, Red Door East, 5-Spot and Lipstick Lounge) are going to keep allowing people to smoke and will not ask anyone to leave until they have been notified by officials of the change.

Now, i'm all for smoke-free. I love the idea of being able to go to Beyond the Edge and watch a game and not have to keep the clothes i wear in the garage until i wash them. But this combined with the cities recent renaming of streets downtown without actually telling everyone has me wondering who's failing miserably at their jobs. Small businesses should be notified about any changes in codes or laws that apply to them once they have received their permits, etc.

Hopefully Mayor Dean's administration will be a little more prompt about reporting such things.


john h said...

Paul- basically the enforcement and information is coming from a combination of city and state. As a state employee with the Health Dept (not with the part that enforces smoking ban or grades restaurants), I can tell you for a certainty that they were informed, either by a visit onsite or by mail. Perhaps, the person(s) you talked to missed the letter, didn't read the letter, or possibly didn't receive the letter due to a postal slip-up..

Paul Nicholson said...

I would think so, but he very specifically said that he and the other's in the area had all failed to be notified. They may just be waiting to be slapped on the wrist before doing anything about it...who knows.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out and see who ends up the first to be fined.

Paul Nicholson said...

I gotta add here, as much as i do believe that the city should be doing a better job of notifying businesses of changes that effect them, i do understand the law and the way it reads, as my dad just pointed out in an email:
There will be no notification sent to him. It is his responsibility to know the law and obey it. You've no doubt heard "ignorance of the law is no excuse"... well this is a case in point. He is just as guilty of a violation whether he knows it or not. If you don't know you are supposed to get a building permit before you build, you are still just as guilty before the law if you build without one.

If you run a restaurant it is your responsibility to know the laws that regulate that industry. It is not the government's responsibility to be sure everyone knows about it... but of course he DOES know about it! He's just faking ignorance and waiting until someone forces him to comply. That's worse to me than the original violation.

Here's what the law says:


Thanks dad!

Paul Nicholson said...

And here's an update courtesy of the East Nashville listserv
AlleyCat - 21 and up/Smoking permitted

Edgefield Sports Bar - Smoke Free

Red Door - 21 and up/Smoking permitted

Eastland Cafe - Smoke Free

Rose Pepper - Dining Room Smoke Free/Part of patio is smoking.

3 Crow Bar - 21 and up/Smoking permitted

Beyond the Edge - The girl on the phone was not sure what had been decided.

jc said...

sounds like they are of the thinking, "make me"

good luck with that.

marsha said...

I expect there to be lots of opposition to the no smoking ban...I would appreciate smoke free zones...relatives of mine I will not mention..are not so happy.