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Friday, May 18, 2007

The Sommet Center

The fact that this is the first blog entry i've ever made in proper capitalization should tell you something.

The Nashville Arena, aka Home of the Predators, will be named:

The Sommet Center
Pronounced "So-may", they became the official team sponsors at the end of last season, and are stepping up even more this year. By the way, they provides HR, payroll, IT and general business support services for other companies.

I'll try to watch for the new sign and post a picture asap.
Update: New signs are supposed to be up today - i will try to get pictures this afternoon.
Most about the significance later...
I have a big presentation to some higher ups this morning at work.
Update: Press conference is supposed to be at 11:00am this morning.

Update: Paul McCann posted about it here...and he thinks Forsberg may stay too.

Update: A picture!
No big sign up yet, but they have a temp sign over the main one.
More details...

From more articles:
Sommet Group Managing Partner Brian Whitfield and Leipold unveiled the arena's new logo and signage. The Sommet Center name will be affixed to the exterior of the building and will be visible on the Broadway side of the Center to all visitors of downtown Nashville. In addition to interior and exterior signage, Sommet Center visitors will notice in-arena branding on the building's marquees and graphics on the building's new jumbotron, which will debut in September.
Tennesean article with pictures from the press conference:
The length and financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Leipold did say the number of years in the contract is in the single digits with multiple opportunities for renewal.
And last, video on Channel 2's site is here. Wow.

Editorial side note: This report from Channel 2 is really bad. I've seen better on camera performances and reporting than this from highschool groups. I don't want to bite the hand that is feeding me hits (NiT) but yikes.


Dave said...

Great news, Paul!

I can't wait to see your photos of the new signage!

Dave T.

Amy Nicholson said...

What is that, a French business or something? I just imgaine all you Tennesseans pronouncing that. ;)