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Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am so dead tired. Stayed up too late last night reading about the Predators.
Tired of thinking about it. Most of all tired of reading other people talk about it.

I have to say though, i am a little surprised that the topic hasn't come up much at work. When we got knocked out of the playoffs, it was 3 weeks before people quit stopping me in the halls and asking me "What happened to the Preds?". I haven't had anyone proactively ask me about the sale today. But like i said, at this point, i'm done thinking about it too much so i am kinda glad people aren't bugging me.

What has been interesting about this is that i was a fairly early blogger to blast the story, and i posted links to my post on many other sites (in comment sections of other posts and articles, etc). This has by far been my biggest traffic drawing post. Already 261 303 hits in the last 13 14 hours (since 9:00pm last night). My previous 24 hour record was 180 hits. We'll see where this one ends up.

Update: final count was 422 unique hits, 535 page loads, and best of all - 69 return visitors. Usually i average 7-10 return readers per-day.

Interesting though: statistically Nashville is Talking is my biggest link source. However,
it took Brittney forever to post a story about the sale, and she linked to two other blogs - and not mine. Though i'm a little miffed about this, especially given the general lack of information or content in the other posts (thought they are good posts over all), i am consoled by the fact that i was the only blog chosen to be linked by the freakin Wall Street Journal!

Oh, and NiT did apparently link to my story about grammar. Thanks Brittney.


Richard said...

Try saying up late writing about it and then getting up at 5:30 am to talk about it on News2. It's been virtually non stop. Check out the NashvillePost site. I have another story with details on why he sold the team outright.

john h said...

As one of the bloggers who was linked, kudos to you on your posts on this and your thoroughness. I was mostly writing from emotion (sadness and frustration). You brought a lot more to the table.

Paul Nicholson said...

Thanks John...and Richard.
Good posts from both of you as well.