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Friday, May 16, 2008

Bus riding again

I love taking the bus, especially the afternoon trip home. Very relaxing, and they are surprisingly clean. (And for all you sheltered suburbanites, the ridership isn't scary.)

It's great to let someone else drive and i get to sit back and channel surf the radio or mess with playlists on my Sansa. But getting up just 30 min early is, well, tough to say the least. Especially when it's raining. But even the morning rides are well worth it. For instance, i get to make blog posts on my way to work. :-)

Of course, it is ridiculous that it is more efficient in time and money for me to drive from my house into downtown, park, then ride the rest of the way in to work. Not having any transfer fares makes the full system as a whole nearly untenable.


jc said...

I know the feeling of having to get up earlier & it sucking.

I carpool with my gf. She works at Ingram Book in LaVergne. She leaves her car here at work and we drive in together. So I have to leave earlier so that she can get to work on time.

I would consider riding the bus, but I bet it would take even longer which means getting up even earlier. I think I will just buy a better gas mileage car and save money that way, and I get to keep some sleep ;o)

PhragMunkee said...

In Chattanooga, for a bus to get from where I live in the 'burbs to downtown, it takes something like 1-1.5 hours. Not exactly an optimal option for me compared to a 15-20 drive.

jc said...

yeah I live 25 miles from on the other side of Nashville. I live in the outside of W. Nash and I work on the east side by the airport.

Anonymous said...

I've switched to taking the bus too (it's free for VU employees). I love it. It takes about twice as long to get to work but it is great. Relaxing. No scary people (though the Downtown Transfer Station can be a bit un-nerving at times).

It's nothing like what people led me to believe when I told them I was going to use the bus.

--Pink Kitty

Anonymous said...

Hey there ~ I have been a partial season ticket holder for 6 years now. Unfortunately I am going to have to learn to use the MTA system to get to the games for the rest of the year. What a drag, but it is what it is. I am encouraged to see your comments regarding riding the bus. I will have to take a cab to the bus stop closest to my home and do the same thing on the return. I'm still a lil nervous about riding alone at night and having to wait for a taxi at my stop. What's your opinion on riding the bus at night. Any experience with that? Anywho, please wish me luck. I can't imagine not being ablt to use my tickets so I have to explore other options. Hope we spank Florida tonight...Take care, GO PREDS!! - FabulousK

Paul Nicholson said...

Anonymous: I haven't ridden at night much, but with the new bus station that just opened up, i'd think it would be fine. Trick will be catching that cab on the way back so you aren't hanging out 'no where'.

Ridership is usually pretty light at night, but i've never heard of anyone having problems.

Good luck (and Go Preds!)