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Friday, April 04, 2008

Predators make the Playoffs!!!

I'll try to blog about it more tomorrow.

Right now i've got to try to come down off this adrenaline rush and get some sleep.

Preds won. Vancouver Lost. We're in the playoffs!

Lots of pictures here (courtesy of my lovely bride, who took all the shots at tonight's game), including pictures of Titan's quarterback Vince Young, who was at the game and threw out t-shirts to the crowd.

And a video she shot of the amazing spontaneous crowd response is here:

Nashville Thanks the Predators

(If the video isn't working, that's because it's still converting on Vimeo's server...check back a little while...)

The crowd rose to give the team a standing ovation during a TV timeout after a great effort in the 3rd period. And they wouldn't stop. For a solid 2:30, the crowd just stood and cheered and waived their t-shirts* (think about it...just sit in your chair and do nothing for 2:30. That's a long time). The arena crew was smart enough not to interrupt with any videos or music. Just let the crowd thank the team. It was amazing. The game wasn't even over at that point. Gave me the chills.

Detroit vs. Nashville will start sometime next week.
Let's go Preds!

* By the way, the t-shirts look great and are way cooler shirts than past giveaway shirts


introverted one said...

What a great game!
By the look of your video I was on the opposite side standing and waving my shirt too! :-)

PhragMunkee said...

Holy cow! My arm is sore from waving my shirt around so much! You only get that kind of energy from a hockey crowd. It'd be nice if they measured the decibel level and released that number. Did you hear Trotz in the post-game wrap-up show? Talking about how he had troubles rolling the lines at points because the players couldn't hear him over the crowd. I'm proud to have been a part of that!

Since the Vancouver game got underway while we were driving home, we were periodically checking the score on my iPhone. When it got down to the final minutes of the 3rd, I just kept refreshing the page until I saw 0:00 left in the 3rd! I snapped a picture of my iPhone propped up on the steering wheel with the page open -- http://www.flickr.com/photos/phragmunkee/2387046838/.

What a great night!

jc said...

how bout 1 more win? Can you say bounced in the 1st round 3 years in a row by the same team? ;o)

for your sake, I hope Calgary wins their next and you get Detroit. I think that is your only shot at a 1st round win. You played the Wings strong this season, I still predict a 4-1 series, maybe 4-2. But I will be pulling for you to beat Detroit. The wheels are coming off in D-town. That team is fading fast.

So with a Preds win and a Flames loss you get your fave playoff team.

So heres to a Preds win and a Flames win. sadly I dont think the outcome for the Preds will be any different come post season. heres to being proven wrong.

PhragMunkee said...

Yeah, let's hope for a loss tonight. Not looking forward to another San Jose match. I think we have a much better chance against Detroit. I think a bunch of our problem with San Jose is now all in our head.

Oh, sorry about not linkaging the URL above. I thought BlogSpot might have done it for me. :-/

@adie said...

it's a shame that the video doesn't do justice to the moment. 17,000 people were on their feet.