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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

that'll be the day

Greag Popovich has to love that the Spurs beat the Mavs tonight without Tim Duncan. He has to be fuming at this news though. The NBA is going to require all coaches to be mic'ed up during games and give on-bench interviews during the game anytime they are on national TV. Popovich has always kept himself and his team just at the league minimum for media exposure. As few interviews as possible, as few reporters at practice as possible, etc. He is always terse and sometimes rude to reporters trying to get in a quick half-time interview with him in the hall. My guess is that more than once he will be required to pay a fine for refusing to do the interview or not wearing the mic. I hope so at least.

I really find that pretty amazing. I've seen the Predators and other NHL clubs do it with assistant coaches and with backup goalies. Also with players who volunteer. But... wow. I enjoy hearing what the coaches have to say, but this is a little extreme i think.

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Gary N said...

I was skeptical, especially toward the end of a close game, that this would be a mess, but the coverage did a pretty good job on the mic'ed coaches last night.(although during live play they caught a few stray expletives from the Jazz players) They didn't over do it. were careful not to broadcast strategy, and all they broadcasted of the coaches was time-delayed so they could be sure that was true.

Unfortuately, when they cannot broadcast strategy, it end up making the coaches sound like cheerleaders - which the commentators explained was only a part of their job.

Overall not a bad way to add interest, but I'm sure Pop didn't like it one bit!