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Monday, April 13, 2009


For those that have followed this blog for a while (Hi Christy, mom, dad, etc) you'll probably recognize that i haven't posted in a while. In fact, this is probably coming up in your RSS feed reader and you're wonder what this blog is and why you subscribed. Many of you may have subscribed because you were told by many other people that this was a blog that covers the Nashville Predators. And it does. Or did. Kinda still does. It covers the Predators about as much as it covers anything these days, which is to say, not much.

I have increasingly been using Twitter to share my thoughts with the world. The tool of instant spur of the moment microblogging has sucked me in completely. So much so that i actually created (or helped create) a tool specifically so i could have a place on Twitter to talk about the Predators and not annoy the general population.

However, a strange thing has happened lately. I have begun having more frequent thoughts which i would like to share with the world, but can not be expressed in 140 characters or less. Personally, i blame the long hours minutes of holding my son Ian while waiting for him to fall asleep. With that much unoccupied time, my mind wonders on long tangents it hasn't been able to in a while.

Anyway. I also remembered that i can quickly blog from my phone from anywhere via email in a manner not dissimilar to how i use Twitter. This allows me the freedom to quickly express that brilliant thought that will change the lives of everyone who reads it, but do so in an unencumbered fashion (and with pictures!). For instance, i can now afford the characters to use words like "unencumbered".

So, be prepared to have this space active once again. Or at least a little more so. But to be clear, a lot of what i have to say, especially about the Preds, will probably still be on Twitter.


introvert one said...

I'm the same way! Not that I blogged as much as you did about anything, I still did with a little regularity. Now with Twitter? Not so much. I have thought about going back over a week's worth of tweets to try to come up with a post. But I haven't done that either. Oh well..tweet on!

Anonymous said...

It looks like we've all fallen in the same trap of Twitter taking over blogging! But I still keep the both of you in my Google Reader just in case.

jeffpope.com said...

Dude...scary blog! Or should I say, thanks for summarizing my thoughts EXACTLY! You used a lot less heady mumbo jumbo that I like to throw around, as I dig out the corners of my brain, like I do my nailbeds sometimes. I'll be anxious to hear about daddy-hood and what swims around in PN's head while he is holding his gift of life. Check out my "headiness" on a similar topic.