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Monday, January 28, 2008

Predators Viewing Party!!

As i mentioned earlier, there is another Predators Viewing Party at Beyond the Edge at 6:00pm in the 5-points area of East Nashville(directions, map) tomorrow, Tues, Jan 29th. If you're looking for a place to watch the game, it promises to be a good one.

The game tomorrow night starts at 6:00pm, and is against the rarely seen (eastern conference) Boston Bruins. For those that don't know, Beyond the Edge is owned by the same Matt that owns Batter'd n Fried...the Boston-style seafood place down the street...yeah, he's from Boston. So, everyone has to go to cheer against Matt's other team :-)

There will be prizes (t-shirts, hats, tickets!) given away during each intermission, so come out and join Christy and i. I'll be ordering the philly cheesesteak and i guarantee we'll finish it off with the awesome new chocolate dessert they have now.

Oh - and for those that can't come out to Beyond the Edge, do at least check out the game. Fox Sports South is going to make this whole game a Hockey 101 special: FSN South Goes to Hockey School. So if you've never seen a game, or still don't understand what "off-sides" or "icing" means, then make sure to watch. Pete and Terry always make the game fun, and this promises to make things very interesting :-)

Nurse Anesthetist

In answer to a question Rob (aka: ThinkTrain) posted on Twitter a few weeks back - here's how you celebrate Nurse Aneshetist week.

My good friend Jeff just through this video together. Hilarious.

Also make sure to check out Jeff's "Runny Bakes a Tath" video.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ron Paul country

I just found out that Ron Paul was from Texas last week. Not sure how i missed that, given that i grew up in Texas.

Then today i found out he's from the Houston area (as i flew into Hobby today). Then found out when i saw this sign that we are in his district for my grandmother's funeral. And now I'm told my grandfather knew him.

I just knew him as the 'indie' kinda libertarian republican candidate. I gotta check him out now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What about them?

Seriously? Did i really just see this on an end cap at Kroger?

i haven't heard this urban legend since i was in high school. Now it is being used as a special promo product. What happened to the nice pastels (that are just repackaged for Easter) or actual pink ones for Valentine's?

Hint to young guys: if you give this as a gift to your new girlfriend you will be lucky if she finds it funny. She will not find it romantic.

Monday, January 21, 2008

New NHL All-Star Weekend Events

In a continued effort to grab the attention of…anyone…the NHL has made some pretty big changes to their All-Star weekend. And I love it.

The first change I heard about was that the Young Stars game had been made a shorter 3-on-3 game. Which seemed really weird to me. Especially since there were now no Predators involved, I was a little upset at the shortened roster. But once I learned the full picture – I love it.

They are basically patterning the weekend after the NBA’s ultra-successful All-Star weekend: slam dunk contest included!

The Young Stars game will basically be part of the skills competition now. The East-vs-West contest of abilities where players earn points for their conference. But almost every event has been tweaked to be more exciting. The winning side for the Young Stars game earn points for their side. The speed event is now an Olympic style mano-a-mano race from goal line to blue line instead of just a loop around the boards against the clock. This is a major improvement as it is more realistic given the usual blue line to goal line race for an icing call or breakaway and more exciting for the player-vs-player aspect. A shootout competition has also been added to the usual speed/accurate shot/hardest shot competitions.

Best of all, they have added a judged slam-dunk style competition. And who should judge such a competition when the first event is held in Atlanta? Dominique Wilkins. No kidding. They are holding a judged “creative shootout” competition that will be judged. How awesome is that? My question is if they will be shooting on a goalie and if so, is it a friendly goalie?

I wasn’t going to bother finding a TV for the All-Star game (as it is relegated to Versus, not NBC, and I still don’t have cable), and I still probably won’t watch the actual All-Star game. But all this stuff actually sounds like a lot of fun!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

blogging to go

After a few hundred blog posts or so, and many months of being mobile-web enabled, i have finally setting up Blogger's email-to-blog feature.

This is not without its limitations (no formatting, no links, poor image embed ability). Never the less, this post is coming to you straight from my new blackberry via the gmail mobile app.

You may be amazed at my geek power now.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cruise Pictures

Well, finally back to posting. The holidays were great and i pretty much totally took time away from the PC for a while (though i did get a new Blackberry so i can't exactly claim to be totally unplugged)... and then of course i was out of town and then on a cruise for quite a while. Internet on the cruise was slow and $0.75 per minute - so you didn't get updates. Yeah. Sorry about that. Or not.

Anyway. Pictures from the cruise are starting to go up!

I took a lot of pictures. A whole lot. Like...around 400 i think. While not all of them are keepers (bless you digital camera technology), i still have a lot to sort through, crop, stitch panoramas, etc. So slowly but surely i've been uploading them, one "day" of the trip at a time.

First 3 days of the trip are now up - New Orleans (where my sister Amy was helpful in tagging and mapping pictures after showing us the town), boarding the ship, and the first day at sea. Go check them out!

Here are a few of my favorites for those of you too lazy to actually visit my Flickr site to see ALL 112 PICTURES i've uploaded so far:

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Predators Center Ice Viewing Party!

UPDATE: My original post here mentioned that the next party was March 12th. That was me making a dumb typo when being charged by the minute for internet access while on a cruise. The party is/was on Jan 12th. The next party will be on Jan 29th for the game against the Boston Bruins - fitting since the owner of the bar (Matt) is from Boston and runs a Boston-style seafood place right down the hill from Beyond the Edge.

Heads up to all Preds fans out there that our good friend Josef, manager of Beyond the Edge has not only purchased the Center Ice package for his bar, but has arrange a sponsorship deal with Bud Light for Preds viewing parties.

They will have the game on multiple HDTV's around the bar area (including one massive 60" beast) and will be giving away Predators hats, t-Shirts, etc at drawings during intermission. Sometimes they have practice jersey's and other high-end swag too. Best of all -TICKETS! That's right, they give away a pair of tickets at every party. How sweet is that?!

The next party will be Jan 12th an 6:00pm for the game against the hated Columbus Blue Jackets. The game is not on Fox Sports South or Versus, so if you want to watch this important divisional game, you have precious few choices in Nashville - why not try to win some Preds swag and tickets!

While you're there, i highly recommend the burgers or the Philly Cheese Steak...and the chocolate dessert. Killer food that doesn't belong in a sports bar.

For more info an directions to the bar, check out www.beyondtheedge.net