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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Predators Center Ice Viewing Party!

UPDATE: My original post here mentioned that the next party was March 12th. That was me making a dumb typo when being charged by the minute for internet access while on a cruise. The party is/was on Jan 12th. The next party will be on Jan 29th for the game against the Boston Bruins - fitting since the owner of the bar (Matt) is from Boston and runs a Boston-style seafood place right down the hill from Beyond the Edge.

Heads up to all Preds fans out there that our good friend Josef, manager of Beyond the Edge has not only purchased the Center Ice package for his bar, but has arrange a sponsorship deal with Bud Light for Preds viewing parties.

They will have the game on multiple HDTV's around the bar area (including one massive 60" beast) and will be giving away Predators hats, t-Shirts, etc at drawings during intermission. Sometimes they have practice jersey's and other high-end swag too. Best of all -TICKETS! That's right, they give away a pair of tickets at every party. How sweet is that?!

The next party will be Jan 12th an 6:00pm for the game against the hated Columbus Blue Jackets. The game is not on Fox Sports South or Versus, so if you want to watch this important divisional game, you have precious few choices in Nashville - why not try to win some Preds swag and tickets!

While you're there, i highly recommend the burgers or the Philly Cheese Steak...and the chocolate dessert. Killer food that doesn't belong in a sports bar.

For more info an directions to the bar, check out www.beyondtheedge.net

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jc said...

heads up, if its on Center Ice and not FSN it WILL NOT be in HD. I have the Center Ice package and have battled with them about this. They do not broadcast in HD, even if the channel they are displaying is in HD. So unless its broadcast locally on FSN in HD, it wont be HD.