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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Preds Fan Meet-Up

Predators Fans: Come one, come all!

Well, actually, let me be more specific...

There's a pretty nice community of people from blogs, Flickr, Twitter, etc around "Pred Nation". So, i'd like to see as many of us get together to actually meet the 3D versions of each other.
Where: Predators Training Camp - Centennial Sportsplex
When: Sat, Sept 20th 10:30am

We will meet in between the first and second training camp sessions (around 10:30am) at the tables in the front lobby of the Sportsplex building (near the front doors). I'll be wearing a light blue work shirt that says "Geek" on the front and carrying around a camera. If you can't find us, call 615-823-1734, that'll ring my cell. Or you can DM me on Twitter @pwnicholson.
Now for the roll call (and link love) of the people i'd really love to see there. I'm sure i'm going to leave a few people off the list, but if you want to show, please do! You don't have to be listed!
For full details on Predators Training Camp, check out "Training Camp Central"

See ya there!


The Forechecker said...

A dynamite idea, Paul; I'll do my best to be there!

PhragMunkee said...

I won't be able to make it. :(

Jeff Pope said...

Paul, dude I would love to hook up. I have a couple of new preds fans to introduce to you :) Unfortunately, our new family will be meeting our church family at that time. I am getting SO ready for hockey and thanks for the shout out invite. Please keep me in mind for the next one. GO PREDS!!!

Paul Nicholson said...

Jeff - I plan to be there pretty much all day Sat (from 9:00ish to at least 12:00ish). Just call me and maybe we can meet up.

If not, are you going to any of the Our Team Rally stuff on the 23rd? I'm taking off a half-day of work to go to some of it (man i'm obsessed, aren't i?) and will be there in the evening to skate on the Sommet Center ice :-)

introverted one said...

Just looked & I don't have to work on Saturday! The Young Extroverted One and I will be there. Unless, of course she changes her mind.

Rob Robinson said...

This is a great idea, Paul. I was out of town (watching Vandy knock off Ole Miss), but I did see several of the gang's Twitter posts from camp that day. Let's do it again sometime. Go Preds!